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It’s not recognized when ravens have been first stored on the Tower of London, however data present they have been current on the beheading of Anne Boleyn in 1536 when “Even the ravens of the Tower sat silent and immovable on the battlements and gazed eerily on the unusual scene”.

One suggestion is that the birds have been delivered to the Tower to dramatise executions as a consequence of their affiliation with demise and all issues macabre.

The origins of the legend usually are not clear both. Charles II apparently disliked the ravens as a consequence of their droppings falling on his telescope and needed them moved to Greenwich Observatory which he had commissioned in 1675. In a dialog with the royal astronomer, John Flamstead:

“These ravens should go!” he mentioned. “However, Sire, it is vitally unfortunate to kill a raven,” replied Flamstead, “Should you do this the Tower will fall and you’ll lose your kingdom, having solely simply obtained it again!” Charles, being a pragmatist, thought for a second and mentioned: “The Observatory should go to Greenwich and the ravens can keep within the Tower.”

Nonetheless, Geoffrey Parnell, the official Tower of London historian, has performed analysis which he believes reveals that the superstition was invented rather more lately. After The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe was revealed in 1845, Victorians grew to become fascinated with the birds and the primary captive birds have been delivered to the Tower as pets for the workers.

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