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6 Causes Cats Sit In Their Litter Field & When To Fear

It’s not unusual to discover a cat in an uncommon spot: a cardboard field that’s just a bit too small for them, the highest of a bookshelf, amongst your footwear within the backside of the wardrobe…the record goes on. However for those who maintain discovering your cat of their litter field, it’s possible you’ll be questioning if that is simply a type of odd-but-normal feline behaviors, or if must you be involved.

The explanations behind this unusual behavior range, with some extra regarding than others. On this article, we’ll undergo the commonest causes it’s possible you’ll discover your cat of their litter field, when you ought to be involved, and learn how to assist your kitty discover a extra applicable place to hang around.

First, let’s undergo the commonest causes for this unusual feline conduct.

#1 Hiding Spot

Cat in their litter box.

Cats like hiding away in darkish, lined areas after they really feel stress.

Cats could be very delicate, and plenty of are vulnerable to nervousness. There are many causes of stress for cats: including a brand new pet to the family, a home transfer, a change to their ordinary routines, or development work inflicting loud noises, to call a number of.

Your cat’s conduct might change if they’re affected by nervousness, and they’re going to generally search out a protected place to cover. For some, this can be beneath a mattress or behind the furnishings. For others, it could be the litter field.

New cats adopted right into a family might select the litter field because the most secure place to cover as a result of it’s the solely familiar-smelling object of their new surroundings. Scent is essential to cats. A litter field with a hood could also be particularly engaging as a hiding place as cats will search out small, darkish, and lined areas to take refuge in.

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#2 Litter Issues

cat in their litter box.

Cats could be very delicate to alter, together with a change of litter, inflicting them to hang around the place they bathroom.

Fussiness isn’t an uncommon trait in cats. There are lots of various kinds of litter – from wheat to pine to clay – and it could not appear an enormous deal to you to modify sorts or manufacturers if you might want to. Nonetheless, your cat might resent a change to their sort of litter, and this will trigger them to spend extra time within the litter field.

If the litter sort is completely different – for instance, for those who transfer to a clumping litter – your cat might spend extra time than ordinary testing out the feel and really feel with their paws earlier than utilizing it as their toilet.

Cats can also protest if the cat litter isn’t modified frequently sufficient. You would possibly anticipate soiled litter would put them off spending a lot time within the litter tray (or at the very least that the pungent odor would), however really, your cat might spend extra time within the tray becuase they’re looking for a clear space to bathroom in.

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#3 Play

kittens in their litter box

Kittens and a few older cats like to take a look at one thing new and novel – like a brand new litter field!

That is in all probability not the reply you had been anticipating, however some cats – primarily kittens – are nonetheless studying in regards to the world and use some objects not fairly in the way in which that they had been meant for use. Litter packing containers are fascinating to some cats, with their completely different scents, the feel of the litter, and the texture of the tray.

Some kittens discover these areas by enjoying and even sleeping within the litter field. If a cat hasn’t discovered an appropriate snoozing spot within the residence, they might select the litter field as a substitute.

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#4 Territory

Cat in their litter box.

It is strongly recommended that multi-cat homes have a number of litter packing containers, as cats don’t like sharing them.

Felines are typically territorial, and our home cats will normally have their very own areas inside your house. Utilizing pheromone messaging and scent marking, they’ll designate sure areas as a part of their territory, which can normally embrace a core space containing their meals, water, mattress, and litter tray.

If there’s a territorial dispute with one other cat inflicting nervousness, cats might select to spend extra time of their litter tray, both as a protected retreat from a perceived risk, or to re-establish it as their very own utilizing urine marking. For this reason homes with a number of cats are really useful to have a number of litter trays, as cats don’t wish to share assets.

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#5 Outdated Age

covered litter box

For some cats, the litter field is a well-known, protected place, making it a tempting place to hang around when harassed.

As cats become older, their habits and conduct can change. They could develop arthritis, inflicting them to have issues getting out and in of the litter field. If you see an older cat spending extra time of their litter field, they could nicely simply be caught! Outdated age can even deliver with it a point of cognitive decline.

This will result in older cats changing into forgetful, altering their routines, sleeping in odd locations reminiscent of litter trays, and altering their interactions with their house owners. In case you have an older feline who has altered their conduct, habits, or routine, take into account a check-up with a veterinarian to rule out any medical points.

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#6 Medical Circumstances

Make certain to search for different indicators that your cat could also be having problem within the litter field. It might be a medical subject that causes them to hold round it a lot.

For those who discover your cat spending an elevated period of time within the litter field, it could be an indication of ailing well being. There are lots of causes of loo issues in cats, and a visit to the vet is usually required. A few of these issues could be very severe if left untreated.

In case your cat is of their litter field loads, try to quietly observe them. Elevated thirst and subsequently elevated frequency and quantity of urination can point out a situation reminiscent of kidney illness or kidney failure, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) could cause ache throughout urination, straining to urinate, frequent urination, and bloody urine. An infection can even result in inappropriate elimination in locations aside from the litter field, reminiscent of a carpet or bathmat.

Feline decrease urinary tract illness (FLUTD) is a time period for numerous situations of the urinary tract in cats, inflicting painful, frequent urination, straining to urinate, vocalizing when urinating, and licking of the genital space.

Causes embrace crystals within the urine which may type bladder stones or kidney stones, or get lodged within the urinary tract and trigger a blockage. Urinary obstruction is extra widespread in male cats than females and is a medical emergency. In case your cat is straining to urinate however not passing any urine, search veterinary consideration instantly.

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In case your cat is having tummy issues, they might be spending extra time than ordinary within the litter field. The same old perpetrator is that if they’re having issues with defecation – both constipation or diarrhea.

In case your cat is nicely, it’s possible you’ll choose to watch them rigorously and feed them a bland food plan with loads of water. If the issue persists, or your cat appears torpid, is vomiting, or is mostly unwell, search veterinary consideration.

When To Fear And How To Assist

cat with litter box

For those who suspect your cat is utilizing the litter field as a protected hiding place, attempt to make them a brand new spot, full of their requirements and acquainted issues.

As we will see, there are many completely different explanation why your cat could also be hiding out within the litter field. The principle indicators to look out for are in case your kitty is unwell or in misery. Scratching round within the litter, desperately attempting to pee, or solely producing tiny quantities of urine is an indication that your cat wants pressing veterinary consideration. Profuse diarrhea, or struggling to defecate can also be indicators requiring skilled assist.

In case your cat is passing regular toilet actions, has urge for food, and has no indicators of ailing well being, then their love of the litterbox could also be extra behavioral. Make certain the litter sort is saved constant, and maintain the tray as clear as you’ll be able to. Offering a couple of litter tray per cat can also be a good suggestion in order that there is no such thing as a competitors for this useful resource. It’s possible you’ll wish to attempt some various kinds of litter packing containers.

Anxious cats who’re hiding away of their litter tray might profit from calming pheromone diffusers and a ‘protected zone’ arrange for them with all their key assets: mattress, meals and water, a litter tray, and a few toys. Give a lot of reassurance and protected locations for them to cover away.

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Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Why is my cat sitting within the litter field for a very long time?

Spending an excessive amount of time within the litter field could be a signal that your cat is having urinary or gastrointestinal issues, and might have veterinary consideration. Alternatively, they might be utilizing the litter field as a hiding spot, or re-asserting their territory

Why is my cat instantly sleeping within the litter field?

Anxious cats might take into account their litter field the most secure place to sleep. Older cats might battle to get out and in of the tray and select to relaxation in it. Kittens are nonetheless studying about the place to discover a good place to snooze!

Is it regular for cats to put of their litter field?

No, this isn’t regular as cats are normally very clear. There may be normally an underlying behavioral or medical trigger which wants investigating.

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