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8 PROVEN Methods To Maintain Squirrels Off Chicken Feeders (2023)

It’s extremely difficult to maintain squirrels away from chicken feeders!

how to keep squirrels off and away from bird feeders

I like squirrels and wish them in my yard. I get pleasure from watching them, and they’re as a lot part of nature as birds. However, I wish to see my squirrels ON THE GROUND. Sadly, these ravenous rodents can rapidly change into a nuisance on chicken feeders for a lot of causes, together with their voracious urge for food, feeder dominance, superb athletic capability, and skill to chew by nearly something!


Do you see any squirrels on my feeders?

Under is a LIVE take a look at my chicken feeding station. We now have at the least eight squirrels that generally go to our yard and periodically considered one of them could be noticed on my chicken feeders. Sadly, I violate Tip #2 beneath, and it’s comparatively widespread to see a squirrel leap from the timber!


Under, you’ll study EIGHT methods to maintain squirrels off chicken feeders!


And one of the best information is that NONE of the ideas beneath harm squirrels. I don’t agree with or advocate any technique that places these small mammals in peril. As I stated earlier than, I wish to feed the squirrels, simply not from my chicken feeders. 🙂

#1: Put money into a Squirrel-Proof Chicken Feeder Pole


By putting in a top quality squirrel-proof chicken feeder pole, you possibly can remove most squirrel issues. It’s fairly easy. If squirrels can’t climb as much as the chicken feeders, then they’re caught consuming the meals that falls to the bottom.


On the subject of squirrel-proof chicken feeder poles, you have got two choices:


Possibility #1: Purchase a pole that’s manufactured to stop squirrels.


For instance, I used to personal the Squirrel Stopper Pole, and never one single critter EVER received previous the connected spring-loaded baffle. (Due to the excessive variety of feeders I used to be utilizing, I’ve since constructed a extra heavy-duty chicken feeder pole. 🙂 )


A squirrel baffle is merely a contraption that forestalls squirrels (and different small mammals) from climbing up your chicken feeder pole. Try the spring-loaded baffle on the Squirrel Stopper pole beneath:

Squirrel Stopper Pole   Verify In the present day’s Worth


Not solely is that this pole nice at stopping squirrels from climbing up, nevertheless it holds as much as eight chicken feeders and appears “elegant” in any yard.


Possibility #2: Squirrel-proof your current pole by attaching baffles.


In the event you like your present chicken feeder pole and wish to preserve it, nevertheless it wasn’t designed to cease squirrels, I’ve nice information! Squirrel baffles could be bought individually (or made) and connected to your current pole.


Typically, there are two totally different types/shapes of baffle you’ll encounter:

stop squirrels with baffles

Torpedo Baffle Pictured Above (Additionally known as Stovepipe or Cone): Audubon Metal Squirrel Baffle
Wrap Round Baffle Pictured Above: Woodlink Squirrel Baffle


Each of those baffles are designed to connect beneath the chicken feeder. As squirrels climb, they aren’t capable of get across the baffle and due to this fact can’t eat your chicken meals! *Squirrels can leap vertically as much as 4 toes excessive! Be certain that to connect a squirrel baffle excessive sufficient on the pole that they will’t simply leap over and on prime of it.*


For all the things it’s essential find out about squirrel baffles, take a look at this text:


#2: Place Your Chicken Feeders Correctly


Do you know that squirrels can leap so far as 10 toes horizontally? Don’t consider me?


Here’s a video I created of squirrels leaping onto my chicken feeding station!


Sadly, my chicken feeding station won’t ever be 100% squirrel-proof, and it’s as a result of my feeders are too near the timber you see within the above video. Due to this truth, I’ve to depend on the opposite methods mentioned on this publish!


As you might be deciding the place to put chicken feeders in your yard, do not forget that they are going to be topic to an aerial assault from squirrels!


To forestall squirrels from making the leap, discover a appropriate space that’s at the least 10 toes away from any timber, tree branches, homes, decks, energy traces, or the rest that they will climb to make use of as a launchpad. My feeding station is just about 5 toes away from the closest timber, and the squirrels make that leap simply!


It is going to most likely be essentially the most enjoyable to put the feeders only a bit out of the squirrels’ attain. By doing this, you get to watch them TRY to make the leap however miss, which gives some leisure. 🙂


#3: Put money into a Squirrel-Proof Chicken Feeder

If you’re not capable of cease squirrels from reaching your chicken feeders, it might be time to show your feeders into Fort Knox.


Fortunately, there are chicken feeders that enable birds to eat however reduce off the meals provide for squirrels. Some work nice; some fail miserably.


Listed here are the THREE hottest types utilized by squirrel-proof chicken feeders:


Type #1: Weight Delicate

Entry to chicken meals is denied if there’s an excessive amount of weight on the perches of the feeder. Most birds are MUCH lighter than squirrels, they usually can eat comfortably. However when a squirrel jumps on, sometimes a door closes, and they aren’t capable of eat the meals!


For instance, here’s a brief video of the weight-sensitive perches in motion on my Absolute II hopper feeder:

Verify In the present day’s Worth


Type #2: Cages

Audubon Squirrel-Proof Caged Tube Chicken Feeder


Metallic cages encompass some feeders to cease squirrels. The openings within the enclosure are massive sufficient for small birds to fly by however too tiny for squirrels to suit inside. Cages additionally work nice to maintain blackbirds off your feeders.


Type #3: Battery-Powered Feeders That Spin

These stands out as the most entertaining! When a squirrel climbs on the feeder, the motor kicks in to start out spinning, which tosses them off. The most important unfavourable to this type is that you’ll have to cost and alter the battery periodically.


For an inventory of my favourite squirrel-proof chicken feeders with trustworthy opinions, take a look at the next article:


#4: Provide meals that squirrels don’t like!


There could also be places you wish to place your feeders which can be nearly inconceivable to maintain squirrels away from, comparable to on a deck, window, or close to a tree.


On this case, it might be essential to be very selective concerning the meals you will supply. And right here’s the excellent news:


Squirrels don’t eat all the things!


Squirrels go loopy over nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, corn, and fruit. They love these meals! You may’t blame them for making an attempt to get to your feeders. However are you able to consider there are a handful of meals that may entice a number of birds AND stop squirrels on the similar time?


Listed here are THREE meals you should use that squirrels don’t like:


Meals #1: Safflower Seed

safflower seed - best bird food

Evaluate Costs!

https://amzn.to/3XkUzwG | View $ – Chewy

Cardinals, chickadees, titmice, and lots of finches love this small, white seed whereas squirrels don’t. Blackbirds (starlings and grackles) additionally don’t eat safflower seeds, which makes me suppose this can be a miracle meals!


Meals #2: Nyjer Seed

different types of bird seed guide

Evaluate Costs!

https://amzn.to/2GKWTt2 | Chewy

Goldfinches can’t get sufficient, however squirrels don’t hassle with this tiny seed.


Meals #3: White Proso Millet

I believe it’s too small for squirrels to mess with, however doves, juncos, and sparrows will undoubtedly be pleased it’s accessible.


#5: Maintain Squirrels Away With Sizzling Peppers!


After I first realized concerning the technique of stopping squirrels with scorching peppers, it sounded unusual to me however made a variety of sense as soon as I realized extra.

hot pepper birdseed

Have you ever ever eaten a scorching pepper? If that’s the case, you already know that it could make your mouth a bit uncomfortable.


The “warmth that you simply really feel in your mouth after consuming a scorching pepper is brought on by a compound known as capsaicin. The rationale we really feel ache, discomfort, and burning after consuming scorching peppers is that capsaicin messes with particular nerve endings in our mouths.


Right here is the thrilling half:


Solely mammals, like squirrels, are affected by capsaicin!


Birds can eat capsaicin all day lengthy and really feel no sick results. So to take benefit, many chicken meals add capsaicin as a powder coat, liquid coat, or as a part of a suet combine to cease squirrels from consuming.


Time and time once more, it has been proven that capsaicin-treated chicken meals is among the finest squirrel repellants you possibly can make the most of. All it takes is one scent or style, and they’re going to begin wanting elsewhere. 🙂


However is it secure to feed birds capsaicin?


Merchandise that comprise capsaicin have been available on the market for a very long time now. There aren’t any studies of any birders or ornithologists which have spoken concerning the adversarial well being penalties for birds.


Right here is the capsaicin chicken meals that I’ve used earlier than with nice success:

repel squirrels with this food

Cole’s Sizzling Meats Sunflower Seed   View Worth – Amazon


#6: Feed squirrels at a separate feeder


This tip runs counter to nearly all the things else on this checklist. To forestall and deter squirrels from accessing and consuming your whole meals and scaring away birds, attempt feeding them at a separate feeder only for them!


For instance, beneath my chicken feeders, I’ve a tray that’s all the time stuffed with sunflower seeds only for the squirrels!

  Woodlink Tray Feeder: View Price – Amazon


By offering a limiteless provide of meals for squirrels in a separate feeder, you might be hoping they gained’t even hassle going by all the additional work to achieve your chicken feeders.


This tip works effectively as a squirrel deterrent. I exploit this similar technique to assist management Home Sparrows too!


Be certain that the feeder is in a straightforward spot for the squirrels to seek out and fill it with cheap meals they love, like corn and sunflower seeds.


#7: Have Enjoyable With Your Squirrels!


We now have already established that squirrels will do about something to achieve chicken meals, and they’re extremely decided and acrobatic.


Understanding this, attempt having some enjoyable and make them work onerous for his or her meal!


There are quite a few squirrel feeders designed with human leisure in thoughts. One among my favorites is a big wheel that options cobs of corn on the ends. If the squirrels don’t steadiness themselves proper, the wheel begins to spin round. The squirrels finally get to eat, nevertheless it’s not simple!

Here’s a spinning squirrel feeder in motion:

Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Spherical Feeder    View $ on Amazon        


#8: Don’t Damage Squirrels!


Sadly, out of frustration, many individuals have provide you with methods to maintain squirrels off their chicken feeders that harm and even kill them. I don’t agree with these strategies.


There are too many efficient methods that work as squirrel deterrents AND preserve squirrels secure. Do not forget that squirrels are simply making an attempt to outlive themselves and doing what comes naturally to them!


So my closing advice is to keep away from something that may injure squirrels. I do know these pesky rodents could be overwhelming, however please resist any temptations to remove them completely.


Attempt to respect squirrels as a part of nature and bear in mind they’re simply making an attempt to outlive just like the birds that go to your feeders!


Listed here are some issues to keep away from:



Not solely will you be sentencing the squirrels to a painful demise, however what in case your canine by accident ingests some?


Glue or the rest sticky in your chicken feeder pole:

It not solely must be extremely painful to have their fur ripped out, nevertheless it’s nearly inconceivable for squirrels to take away the glue. They could additionally ingest some as they attempt to groom themselves.


Petroleum jelly or grease in your chicken feeder pole:

Just like glue, that is extremely troublesome for squirrels to get off their coat. They could ingest some and get sick, or their fur will clump collectively, leaving them inclined to chilly climate.


Taking pictures:

There may be nothing you possibly can shoot at a squirrel that won’t harm it, besides a digicam.


Letting your cat outdoors to kill the squirrels:

Cats LOVE to prey on and kill birds. If you wish to see extra birds at your feeder and fewer squirrels, do you suppose letting your cat outdoors is a good thought?


Killing the squirrels in your yard is a traditional instance of treating the symptom and never the issue. Squirrels breed rapidly, so you possibly can all the time anticipate extra to reach. Utilizing a mix of the ideas above will work a lot better as long-term options to your squirrel issues than homicide.



ways to keep squirrels off bird feeders


By using among the suggestions listed above, it’s fully doable to repel, deter, and preserve squirrels off your feeders and cease them from consuming your whole chicken meals!


I’ve had one of the best luck combing suggestions #3, #4, and #5 collectively.


Most significantly, attempt to study to understand squirrels and benefit from the challenges they supply.


Who is aware of, when you get the squirrels beneath management and off your chicken feeders, you could find yourself having fun with their loopy antics. And simply so you already know, The Squirrel Lover’s Membership is all the time in search of new members!


Earlier than you go, I would like your assist to make this text even higher. Are you able to assist reply a few of these questions within the feedback beneath?

How do you cease squirrels from getting onto your chicken feeders?


What are one of the best methods you have got discovered to discourage and repel squirrels?


Thanks for studying, and good luck!



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