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Birding Napo, Guangxi, China – half 2 – 10,000 Birds

On the third day in Napo, the native driving me to a chicken conceal was coughing loads. And I used to be the one visitor in an in any other case abandoned lodge (shutdown attributable to lack of employees, with all people having caught covid). Nonetheless, I used to be wholesome.

Wholesome sufficient to benefit from the sight of some Blue-winged Minlas, each in a chicken conceal and in an area park.

Birds not used to having their photographs taken typically don’t perceive the idea of trying into the digicam.

Good hygiene is vital to keep away from catching covid, notably when not carrying masks.

The species identify is cyanouroptera, that means darkish blue tailed and -winged. I requested this chicken to pose in a method that highlights these traits.

The Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush is an actual magnificence – whether or not you want shade (the male) or elegant understatement (the feminine, proven right here). To cite eBird: “Male is darkish blue above and orange beneath, with a darkish face. Feminine appears fully completely different: gray-brown with boldly scaled underparts and a whitish crescent behind the ear”.

Thought for a T-Shirt for birdwatchers: “I went to Napo for birding, however all I acquired was this awful Plain Prinia“.

Not surprisingly, I needed to drive to some hills to see a Hill Prinia. It’s a powerful chicken (for a prinia – these birds are usually not normally very flashy) – eBird calls the species a “massive, fierce-eyed prinia with a protracted, oft-cocked tail”.

There even is a separate doc simply on the vocalization of the Hill Prinia, if you’re (frankly, I’m not).

Alternatively, you may learn a pathology report analyzing the loss of life of a Hill Prinia. Your selection. Or when you desire cuteness, lookup this web page for a cartoonish portrait of the chicken.

Cuteness can also be the principle promoting level of the Indochinese Yuhina.

It’d even very often present up in Shanghai, although I’ve not seen it there but.

If you happen to occur to be an Oriental Magpie-Robin with a selection utilizing a nest field or a tree cavity, what do you have to select? A paper suggests it does not likely matter a lot. Inform your magpie-robin buddies as properly, please.


If I shared my spouse’s style in how chicken photographs ought to look (and her creative aspirations), all my photographs would seem like this one among a feminine Plumbeous Water Redstart.

As an alternative, they have a tendency to seem like this one.

Crimson-flanked Bluetails are literally fairly frequent in Shanghai in winter, however seeing a correct male is just not that simple. Possibly the males all go to Guangxi in winter.


Initially, the gorget was a chunk of armor that protected the throat or gorge. This that means then was widened to increase to a chunk of clothes that coated the throat. One other that means is the patch of shade on the throat of a chicken – particularly, this is applicable to hummingbirds but in addition to the Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher.

In fact, me writing in regards to the that means of “gorgeted” somewhat than offering bird-specific data signifies a scarcity of papers on the species.

A pity, or a chance for future ornithologists.

Fulvettas are form of the LBJs of some components of Southern China – despite the fact that they appear extra attention-grabbing, resembling this Rusty-capped Fulvetta. In some areas, a number of fulvettas coexist – this paper describes a spot in Yunnan with 7 such species together with the rusty-capped selection. Skimming this paper made me add one other species to my want checklist, the Golden-breasted Fulvetta, hopefully to be featured in a future put up.

Together with the Gray-bellied Tesia featured in a earlier put up, the Spectacled Barwing is among the two signature species of Napo, Guangxi.

Apparently, BirdLife Worldwide splits the species into two species, the creatively named Jap Spectacled Barwing and Western Spectacled Barwing. Presumably, the birds in Guangxi needs to be of the Jap persuasion.

The species identify ramsayi is presumably derived from Robert George Wardlaw-Ramsay (the size of this identify being akin to the tail size of the chicken). Apparently, he used his numerous military postings in Afghanistan, Burma and on the Andaman Islands to review native birds at any time when his busy schedule governing or preventing the locals allowed it.

The spectacles of the species are vital to tell apart it from the Streaked Barwing which has no distinct eyering. The truth is, Spectacled Barwings carrying contact lenses are simply mistaken for this different species.

If you’re considering of finding out ornithology since you – like me – take pleasure in the fantastic thing about birds resembling this Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler, check out the titles of three comparatively latest papers on the species:

Unravelling mitochondrial seize of the Streak?breasted Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorhinus ruficollis) by the Taiwan Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorhinus musicus)

Novel insights into the historic biogeography of the streakbreasted scimitar babbler complicated (Aves: Timaliidae: Pomatorhinus ruficollis complicated)

Untangling taxonomic confusion and diversification patterns of the Streakbreasted Scimitar Babblers (Timaliidae: Pomatorhinus ruficollis complicated) in southern Asia

The White Wagtail was described by the conceal proprietor as a Cai Niao, a “vegetable chicken” – a wierd however frequent expression of Chinese language chicken photographers to level out {that a} chicken could be very abnormal and never price a photograph. Nicely, that doesn’t apply to me.

Lastly, I’ll use the instance of the Yellow-cheeked Tit as an instance the distinction in chicken descriptions between eBird, Wikipedia, and the HBW (first few phrases of every entry solely).

HBW: “Medium-sized to massive measurement tit with erect black crest and eyestripe and yellow cheeks”

Wikipedia: “The yellow-cheeked tit (Machlolophus spilonotus) is a species of chicken within the household Paridae”

eBird: “This dashing medium-sized tit might be present in broadleaf and combined hill forests”

My cash is on eBird – sure, this implies anthropomorphizing, however I feel that’s higher than assuming that birds are simply soulless matter.

As all the time, when watching birds, there’s a danger of encountering animals which are far more carefully associated to Donald Trump than the feathered creatures focused. In Nongang, these Trump relations included those beneath.



With this, I left Napo for Nonggang, Covid take a look at nonetheless damaging.

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