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Chook Catching! – Houdini Fashion



As a home cat I don’t get to go exterior alone, except I’m on a leash. This is because of killings of kitties in such a nasty manner. Mum needs me very a lot alive.

I window watch largely and mum2 construct a catio for me!!!

Mum2 was constructing the catio and mum1 advised her to place the components of the catio on the grass, as a substitute of holding the components of the catio up and placing it collectively that manner. Mum1 was proper, because it fell on mum2 head. A lot to the delight of mum1 who was laughing. I merely had my paws over my eyes shaking my head.

So, my catio is nice however it has mesh so, I cant get out! I’ve the pleasure of getting some magpies stalking me and tormenting me usually. Simply want I had one likelihood with them!

Its been 2 years since I final caught a chicken! I’ve been marking it off within the calendar in my head!

Someday, I used to be within the catio watching the birds consuming and considering to myself how pretty it’ll be simply to play with them! When unexpectedly just a little chicken flew into the opening within the mesh on my catio!! BINGO!

I jumped into motion! I climbed the mesh, I’m positive it was like climbing mount Everest! Mum1 heard a racket, which was me trying to catch this chicken. I solely needed it to play with me!

Each mum1 and mum2 had been desperately looking for the keys to the catio to rescue the chicken, however I believed they had been their to assist me not the chicken! Mum2 advised mum1 to get the catio key, so mum1 brings out the shed key (haha).

Ultimately with my agility I caught the chicken! I jumped by way of the window into the kitchen with the chicken in my mouth. Mum1 pounced on me, I’m positive shes been watching me on ‘the way to pounce’!

She prized my mouth open and the chicken was not shifting. Mum1 gave the chicken to mum2 after which mum1 checked me over as, apparently I used to be like a spiderman within the catio.

Mum2 checked the chicken over, she gave it time to relaxation, gave it some water which it helped itself too and it flew away unhurt.

I used to be their considering ‘there goes my prized toy’! It took 2 years for this to occur and it simply didn’t go to plan. I used to be mild so didn’t harm the chicken, I used to be simply eager to play…

So, perhaps I wont get the chance ever once more however I’ve learnt a number of issues from this:

  1. I’ve nonetheless acquired the strikes of a panther!
  2. Mum1 cant discover keys
  3. I’m mild
  4. Birds are out of bounds

Possibly window watching isn’t so dangerous in spite of everything! In poor health by no means see the chicken once more!

Us kitties will do what we do, which is our primal searching intuition. That’s why I wasn’t advised off, you cant inform a kitty off for merely doing what they’re meant to do. Its in our genetics!


I’ve gone again to searching my cat nip toys and mums toes! It’s merely a safer manner of searching.

Twitter = @HoudiniDancing


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