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Do Cats Go By way of Puberty?

Cats expertise puberty, identical to people do. It’s the feline equal of turning into a youngster and identical to youngsters, these hormones can go haywire!

Fast Overview


Cats undergo puberty from as early as 4 months of age, though it often happens round 6 months of age.


Puberty is the time frame when a cat turns into sexually mature and is ready to reproduce.


Neutering your cat earlier than they attain puberty reduces the chance of undesirable pregnancies, and undesirable behaviors comparable to urine spraying, and has a number of well being advantages.

Puberty can happen in cats from simply 4 months of age which could appear younger, however from this level of their life, they’re able to reproducing. Let’s take a better have a look at what puberty is, what the indicators are, and how one can assist your cat keep wholesome.

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What Is Puberty?

Puberty is the time interval during which cats attain sexual maturity.

Puberty is the time in a cat’s life once they attain sexual maturity and may mate with one other cat to breed. It begins once they begin to produce intercourse hormones comparable to progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. These hormones play necessary roles in a cat’s conduct, look, and reproductive potential. The pubescent interval in a cat usually lasts round 4-6 months.

Feminine cats often attain sexual maturity and begin coming into warmth between 6 and 12 months of age while male cats are inclined to grow to be sexually mature between 5 and seven months of age.

Nonetheless, each females and males can attain sexual maturity from as younger as 4 months of age. Some giant breed cats such because the Norwegian Forest and the Maine Coon typically mature later and solely grow to be sexually mature at round 9-12 months of age.

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What Are The Indicators Of Puberty In Cats?

While the bodily indicators of puberty that alter look are usually not as pronounced in cats as they’re in people, the behavioral adjustments that happen in each female and male cats might be extra apparent. Your cute little kitten is turning into the feline equal of a youngster!


cat outside

Male cats going by puberty could begin to roam farther from house, trying to find potential mates.

Pubescent male cats begin to produce stronger-smelling urine that permits them to scent-mark their territory. That is typically carried out by spraying urine in opposition to vertical surfaces which might be notably disagreeable when it occurs in your home.

Male cats with entry to the outside will begin to roam farther from house than they often would, in an try to discover a mate. They’re additionally extra more likely to struggle with different male cats as a result of rising ranges of testosterone.

Over time, if male cats are left unneutered, in addition they develop some bodily adjustments of their look comparable to wider cheeks, bigger testicles, and thicker pores and skin.

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cat rolling on back

Feminine cats going by puberty could grow to be extra affectionate, rubbing in opposition to you and rolling round on their backs.

As feminine cats attain puberty and sexual maturity, they’ll begin to name for a mate. This could contain loud crying or yowling continuously which may typically be misinterpreted by novice homeowners as a trigger for concern that their cat is sick or in ache.

Pubescent feminine cats can typically grow to be extra affectionate and needy with their relations. They may rub in opposition to them extra continuously than regular, demanding consideration, and so they may roll round on the ground quite a bit. They generally lie on the ground with their backside and tail sticking up within the air which demonstrates to male cats that they’re able to be mated.

If they’re stroked alongside their again, they typically arch their backbone and lift their backside within the air while gently ‘treading’ with their again toes. Some feminine cats may even spray urine onto vertical surfaces in the best way that sexually mature male cats do, or they may urinate extra continuously than regular. That is their manner of attracting a feline (unneutered male cat) to mate with.

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The Feline Estrus Cycle

cat with kittens

Feminine cats can begin their reproductive cycle and efficiently mate from round 4 months of age.

An unneutered feminine cat (queen) demonstrates these behaviors when they’re in estrus or ‘in warmth’. An estrus cycle (warmth cycle) consists of a number of phases, certainly one of which is estrus when the feminine is receptive to males for mating. Estrus in cats often lasts for round 5-10 days at a time.

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How Usually Does A Feminine Cat Come Into Warmth?

Feminine cats have a number of estrus cycles in the course of the breeding season and they also’re known as being ‘seasonally polyestrous’. If a queen isn’t mated throughout estrus, she’s going to exit of warmth for a number of days earlier than returning to being on warmth once more. On common, a full estrus cycle in a cat lasts for about 2-3 weeks though it may final anyplace from 1-6 weeks.

What Stage Of Estrus Can A Cat Get Pregnant?

A feminine cat can get pregnant at any time while she is in warmth. Cats are induced ovulators which implies that the act of mating with a feline causes the ovaries to launch eggs. Cats can mate many instances inside a brief interval and typically with totally different tomcats. Which means a number of tomcats can father totally different kittens inside the similar litter.

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Ought to I Neuter My Cat?

cat with vet

Think about neutering your cat to stop undesirable pregnancies.

Neutering a feminine cat is known as spaying and neutering a male cat is termed castration. Neutering helps to keep away from any unintentional matings and subsequent undesirable litters of kittens.

It additionally reduces the possibilities of undesirable behaviors related to puberty comparable to urine spraying, elevated vocalization, and combating. Castrating your male cat will scale back the chance of him roaming as removed from house which in flip reduces his probability of being concerned in a highway site visitors collision or going lacking.

There are additionally well being advantages to neutering your cat comparable to a decreased danger of mammary most cancers and pyometra (a life-threatening an infection of the uterus) in feminine cats.

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When Ought to I Get My Cat Neutered?

Most veterinarians will advise neutering your cat earlier than they attain puberty at round 4-6 months of age. Cats have often reached the required measurement and weight for surgical procedure by this age though cats can typically be safely neutered a lot youthful than this. In case your cat is a late-maturing breed, your vet may counsel delaying neutering by a number of months.

Feminine cats can grow to be pregnant from their very first estrus cycle at round 6 months outdated (though typically from 4 months outdated), so early neutering is especially necessary if in case you have a feminine and a male kitten. Cats mate indiscriminately which implies that a brother will mate along with his sister, or a mom cat will mate along with her son. Discuss to your veterinarian about one of the best time to neuter your cat.

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Cats do undergo puberty and it may happen from as younger as 4 months of age, though extra usually happens round 6 months of age. Many behavioral indicators can point out your cat has reached puberty comparable to urine spraying, elevated vocalization, and combating, amongst others.

Discuss to your veterinarian about neutering your cat earlier than puberty to stop these undesirable behaviors and scale back the chance of undesirable pregnancies and different well being issues later in life.

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Steadily Requested Questions

What are the indicators of cat puberty?

There are lots of indicators that your cat has reached puberty. These embrace behaviors comparable to urine spraying, elevated vocalization, and elevated affection. Male cats usually tend to struggle with different male cats and roam farther from house in an try to discover a mate.

Do neutered cats nonetheless undergo puberty?

Neutering your cat prevents the event of indicators related to puberty comparable to behavioral adjustments and in male cats, extensive cheeks and thick pores and skin. If a feminine cat is neutered earlier than puberty, then she is not going to come into warmth and won’t reveal the behaviors related to this.

How do I do know if my male cat goes by puberty?

Male cats which have reached puberty will begin to produce stronger-smelling urine and should begin marking their territory by spraying their urine onto vertical surfaces, typically in your home! They’ll often begin to stray farther from house and should begin combating with different male cats.

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