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Do Cats Like To Pleasure Themselves?

Sometimes, we affiliate masturbation and humping with canine habits. However in reality, what many cat homeowners don’t know is that cats love to do it, too. You would possibly catch your cat humping, or rubbing himself on one thing—which might typically be your lap!

Fast Overview


Cats show sexual behaviors, together with masturbation, that are pushed by the intercourse hormone testosterone.


Neutered cats are much less prone to show sexual behaviors as they not produce testosterone.


Hypersexual behaviors may be attributable to stress, ache, or underlying medical issues.

It would sound disagreeable and plenty of cat homeowners may be disgusted by it, however cats do certainly prefer to pleasure themselves. Generally it may be a traditional and rare habits, however generally it may be a trigger for concern.

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Why Do Cats Pleasure Themselves?

Intact male cats are the more than likely to pleasure themselves, typically with blankets, pillows, or toys.

To place it merely, cats will pleasure themselves for a similar purpose as people, and in the event that they’ve acquired enjoyment out of it up to now, they’re prone to proceed to do it. Generally, it may be a show of dominance, and generally younger male cats would possibly mount one other cat, or hump a blanket just because it’s enjoyable and feels good.

Usually, masturbation is related to total male cats because it’s a hormone-driven habits and is much less of an issue in neutered male cats. Testosterone is the male intercourse hormone that drives most of their sexual behaviors, together with spraying, humping, masturbating, and in search of out females.

When a cat is neutered, testosterone manufacturing will stop, resulting in a discount in any hormone-driven behaviors. However it might probably take as much as six weeks for testosterone ranges to drop off, so it might probably take time for these behaviors to vanish.

If cats proceed to pleasure themselves after neutering, it may be as a result of they had been barely older once they had been neutered, that means that the habits has turn out to be a discovered behavior. Or it’d imply that one thing else is happening—your cat may be burdened or unwell.

You may need discovered your cat having the occasional hump of its blanket or a pile of washing, otherwise you would possibly merely be inquisitive about this subject. Though it’s typically simple to identify in case your cat is pleasuring himself, it may be fairly a refined habits. A number of the indicators that your cat is masturbating, or has the intention to incorporate:

  • Humping
  • Rubbing their genitals on objects akin to bedding or blankets
  • Extreme licking of their genitals
  • Overgrooming
  • Extreme kneading
  • Purring
  • Drooling

When To Be Involved

Domestic cats mating

Cats would possibly hump different cats within the family or inanimate objects.

The occasional humping or masturbation will be anticipated from a complete male cat, as testosterone typically drives them to show these behaviors. And most cats will solely do it now and again, and it shouldn’t trigger them (otherwise you) any issues. There’s actually no hurt in permitting your cat to take pleasure in just a little self-indulgence every so often.

However in some uncommon instances, sexual behaviors can turn out to be problematic and compulsive. Hypersexual habits is when a cat shows extreme or obsessive sexual behaviors frequently.

Hypersexual habits in cats is usually characterised by:

  • Biting the nape
  • Mounting
  • Humping
  • Penile erection
  • Ejaculation
  • Masturbation

Hypersexual habits has a number of causes together with:

  • Insufficient neutering
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Adrenal hyperplasia or neoplasia
  • FIP
  • Major behavioral issues
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy
  • Neurological issues
  • Stress
  • Social dominance
  • Poor socialization

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1. Stress

If a number of cats in a family are experiencing stress, it may trigger hypersexual habits.

Cats are very delicate to their atmosphere, and so they really feel stress similar to we do. Any change of their atmosphere akin to noisy friends, new pets, transferring home, or one thing scary them may cause them to really feel burdened and unsettled.

When cats really feel burdened, they have a tendency to search for methods to alleviate it, and it might probably result in what we name compulsive behaviors. Some cats select to bask in pleasuring themselves and may achieve this a number of occasions a day, which is a trigger for concern.

For those who discover your cat compulsively masturbating, you’ll must attempt to establish the reason for their stress. Maybe you’ve got a brand new pet, or the neighbor’s cat is bothering them, otherwise you’ve had friends staying. Maybe your routine has modified, and also you spend much less time at dwelling. Indoor cats are additionally extra prone to undergo from stress-related behavioral issues.

So, after you have recognized what could also be stressing your cat, you’ll be able to have a look at how you can consolation them and make them really feel extra snug at dwelling. This may be giving them their very own area away from new pets or infants, offering them with extra beds and toys, or a bit extra consideration from your self.

You too can use calming pheromones akin to Feliway round your private home to make the atmosphere extra stress-free. It’s at all times vital to talk to your vet too in the event you discover your cat behaving in another way.

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2. Well being Issues

Sure well being issues can causes adjustments in habits, together with hypersexual habits.

Hypersexual habits is commonly attributable to underlying medical issues, specifically, it’s often related to issues of the mind together with mind harm, mind tumors, and epilepsy. There’s solely a small quantity of analysis on the market on hypersexuality in cats, so it’s one thing that scientists are nonetheless studying about on a regular basis.

If you’re involved that your cat is displaying indicators of hypersexual habits, it’s vital to talk to your veterinarian. They may wish to study your cat and run some checks to search out out the trigger.

Characterizing your cat’s habits and assessing their atmosphere and habits would possibly assist to rule out environmental causes akin to stress or social dominance, and a certified behaviorist will have the ability to help right here.

In case your vet suspects a neurological drawback, they could refer you to see a specialist neurologist for additional evaluation and imaging, akin to MRI and CT scans to find the issue throughout the mind.

Some research are exhibiting that the usage of a medication known as phenobarbital will help to cut back hypersexual behaviors. One examine discovered it to be efficient long-term in stopping undesirable sexual behaviors.

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What Ought to You Do If Your Cat Is Pleasuring Himself Too A lot?

In case your cat’s hypersexual habits is changing into disruptive, seek the advice of along with your veterinarian.

Most sexual behaviors in cats are typically undesirable by their homeowners, and it’s one of many many causes homeowners select to get their cat neutered. In case your cat is pleasuring himself now and again, there’s no hurt available and it’s actually okay to let him take pleasure in himself!

However in the event you’re beginning to discover it taking place too typically otherwise you turn out to be involved about your cats’ sexual behaviors the very first thing to do is communicate to your standard vet and rule out any medical causes for the issue. Your vet may advocate neutering if not already carried out, as eradicating testosterone can considerably scale back sexual behaviors.

A professional feline behaviorist might be in a position that can assist you handle any social or environmental points that could possibly be resulting in your cats’ compulsive sexual behaviors. They could advocate adjustments to your cat’s atmosphere or routine or recommend the usage of pheromones or calming dietary supplements to assist your cat really feel extra relaxed.

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Ultimate Ideas

Orange cat bed

It may be regular for intact male cats to pleasure themselves each every so often, however neutering them can typically resolve this habits.

Many cat homeowners don’t even know or discover that their cats pleasure themselves, however they actually do it! It’s vital to know that it’s not a dangerous or dangerous habits, and often, it’s solely seen in younger cats and whole males.

Nevertheless, in some very uncommon instances, cats can develop hypersexuality issues the place they show extreme or compulsive sexual behaviors akin to mounting, humping, and masturbating. For those who discover any adjustments in your cat’s habits or you’re involved about hypersexuality, then it’s vital to talk to your standard vet for recommendation.

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Steadily Requested Questions

Do cats masturbate?

Identical to people, and plenty of different species, cats do masturbate. Though it’s not a typical habits and is often solely seen in intact males or cats with hypersexuality issues.

Why do cats masturbate?

Testosterone drives sexual behaviors in cats, together with self-pleasure. Usually, they do it as a result of it’s enjoyable and feels good. But it surely can be associated to social dominance, poor socialization, stress, and underlying medical issues.

Does neutering cease cats from humping?

Neutering stops the manufacturing of testosterone, so reduces sexual behaviors. Nevertheless, it doesn’t at all times cease them utterly as different environmental components have an effect on habits together with stress, well being issues, social dominance, and behavior.

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