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Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Identical to all male mammals (together with male people), boy cats do have nipples. Unusual, huh? Not like in feminine cats, male nipples aren’t vastly helpful. They don’t produce milk, nurse kittens, or usually carry out any goal. They’re fashioned very early in fetal improvement, earlier than the genders of the kittens are decided, however solely in feminine kittens do the mammary glands progress to full improvement.

Fast Overview


Like different male mammals, male cats do have nipples because the nipples are fashioned earlier than intercourse willpower of the embryo.


Male cat nipples are small, pale, and organized in pairs alongside the stomach, with between 4 and 10 nipples being regular.


Males can endure from some mammary-related well being circumstances, however not generally.

Learn on to be taught extra about male nipples in cats: what they appear like, why they’re fashioned, and what number of there are.

Why Do Male Cats Even Have Nipples?

All cats develop nipples very early on in fetal improvement, earlier than the cat’s gender is even determined.

It’s a very good query! Boy cats don’t want nipples, so why have they got them?

All of it comes again to DNA, and the very earliest developmental phases of a kitten fetus. Nipples are fashioned on each female and male embryos within the first few days of gestation earlier than the gender is determined. Female and male kittens develop precisely the identical for the primary few days of improvement.

Barely later in gestation, the intercourse of the kitten is decided, and intercourse hormones are produced. In males, testosterone is the dominant hormone, and its manufacturing halts the event of the mammary glands, leaving them small and underdeveloped, with the nipples as vestigial constructions. In females, estrogen and progesterone are dominant, and the mammary tissue is well-developed.

Nipples are due to this fact current in male cats, though the interior mammary constructions are poorly developed and never purposeful. Males are unable to lactate, and the nipples are unimportant from an evolutionary viewpoint.

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How Many Nipples Does A Cat Have?

Particular person cats can have completely different numbers of nipples, however six or eight is commonest.

Cats usually give start to a number of kittens in a litter, and due to this fact in addition they have a number of nipples in order that the kittens can all nurse collectively. Cats can have between 4 to 10 nipples, with six or eight being the most typical quantity, organized in pairs. The rows of nipples could be discovered on the underside of the cat, alongside the stomach (stomach).

Cats can have a various variety of nipples, however it’s nearly all the time a fair quantity. Siblings from the identical litter can have completely different numbers of nipples. It is just in very uncommon circumstances {that a} cat might have an odd variety of nipples!

Male cats have the identical variations in of numbers and placement of nipples as females. Once more, they mostly have six or eight, organized alongside the decrease stomach in pairs.

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What Do Male Nipples Look Like?

As a result of a male cat’s nipples serve no operate, they’re very tiny.

Male cat nipples are small (solely a couple of quarter of an inch) and often gentle pink or white in coloration—the identical coloration because the cat’s pores and skin. They’re usually described as wanting like a pimple, or a small bump on the pores and skin. They are often troublesome to identify, resulting from their dimension and since they’re usually surrounded by dense fur, however for those who run a hand alongside your cat’s stomach you may have the ability to really feel small bumps.

Feminine nipples are additionally small, pale, and laborious to identify. Female and male cat nipples look precisely the identical except the feminine cat is pregnant or in warmth.

In estrus (warmth) and being pregnant, the feminine cat’s nipples change as they put together for lactation, and nursing the incoming litter of kittens. Pregnant cats’ nipples are bigger, darker in coloration, and turn into extra apparent as a hoop of hairless pores and skin seems round them. You possibly can learn extra about cat being pregnant right here. A pregnant cat within the late phases of gestation may leak small quantities of fluid from her nipples as her physique prepares for lactation. Male cats by no means produce milk from their nipples.

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Can You Decide A Cat’s Intercourse From Their Nipples?

It’s not doable to inform the intercourse of a cat primarily based on their nipples alone.

No, you can not inform if a cat is a boy or lady from their nipples. Feminine and male nipples will look very comparable except the cat is pregnant or in warmth, by which case, you in all probability know their intercourse!

Differentiating between female and male kittens is finest finished by inspecting their genital area. In females, the genital opening is a small vertical slit and could be very located very near the anus. In boys, the opening is round and far additional away from the anus and is accompanied by testicles, though these could be laborious to identify in very younger kittens. Take a look at our information to sexing kittens for extra on this!

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Can Male Cats Get Mastitis Or Mammary Most cancers?

cat belly

Although a male’s nipples are non-functional, they’ll nonetheless be affected by mammary ailments.

Sure, boy cats can endure from medical issues regarding their mammary space, though that is uncommon. Widespread well being points embody mammary tumors and an infection from bites or scratches. Some medical issues are solely seen in females, comparable to mastitis.


ginger cat lying belly up

After cat fights, some cats develop abscesses, that are pockets of an infection beneath the pores and skin.

Male cats can get infections, irritation, and abscesses across the nipples and mammary areas. These are often brought on by accidents or fights with different cats which trigger exterior wounds that micro organism can then colonize and trigger infections.

Indicators embody warmth, redness, swelling, discharge, and ache. Most infections could be pretty simply handled with antibiotics, however abscesses could be tougher to handle.

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Mammary Tumors

Though it’s doable for boy cats to develop breast most cancers, it’s more likely to have an effect on feminine cats.

Mammary most cancers (breast most cancers) is feasible in male cats, however much less frequent. Solely round 1% of mammary tumors in cats are present in male cats. Indicators embody swellings, lumps, redness, and ulceration across the mammary glands or nipples. A mammary tumor is extra generally seen in complete (unspayed) feminine cats and is kind of uncommon in males. Therapy often entails surgical procedure, probably with further therapies comparable to chemotherapy.

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Different Medical Situations

In case you really feel lumps or one thing else uncommon in your cat’s physique, have them checked over by a veterinarian.

Mastitis is an inflammatory situation of the mammary glands and impacts lactating females somewhat than males. Equally, feline mammary hypertrophy, the place extreme mammary tissues are fashioned, can solely have an effect on male cats who’re receiving hormone remedy.

It’s a good suggestion to verify your cat over usually for indicators of sick well being. This consists of working a hand over their physique to really feel for any swellings, warmth, painful areas, or the rest uncommon. In case you are involved a couple of well being difficulty in your cat or have noticed one of many above signs, all the time search recommendation from a vet.

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Male Cat Nipples: Last Ideas

As with people, a male cat has nipples, however they don’t serve any operate.

Male cats don’t want nipples, however as a result of manner that kittens develop within the uterus, they nonetheless have them. Most males have comparable nipples to non-pregnant females: between  4 and 10, organized in pairs alongside the stomach. They’re small and pale and troublesome to identify. Male cats can endure from mammary most cancers and infections, however that is unusual.

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Steadily Requested Questions

What number of nipples does a male cat have?

Male cats have between 4 and 10 nipples, with six or eight commonest. The nipples are organized in pairs alongside the stomach. It is rather uncommon for cats to have an odd variety of nipples.

What do nipples appear like on a male cat?

Male cat nipples, similar to non-pregnant feminine cat nipples, are small and pale pink to white in coloration. They are often troublesome to identify as they are often lined in fur, however really feel like small bumps in your cat’s stomach.

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