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Handful of Bihar Artisans Are Conserving an Historic Indian Printing Method Alive

Bihar’s age-old Chhapa artwork kind is declining owing to a lot of causes, however artists in Patna are striving to maintain this historic artwork alive. Watch this video to see how.

Chhapa is a standard artwork kind by which a carved picket block is dipped in pure dyes to imprint the design on material or paper. The phrase chhapa comes from chhap which suggests to imprint.

The imprinted textiles are worn as fits, sarees, lehengas and ghararas.

Chhapa is taken into account native to Bihar, however it’s stated to have been introduced by migrants from Lucknow and Delhi who settled in Patna after the King of Afghans, Ahmad Shah Abdali, and the Shah of Iran, Nadir Shah, invaded town within the early 1800s.

Within the nineteenth century, these attires had been in large demand amongst Bihari Muslims. The artwork kind continues to stay widespread amongst them, and Bihari Muslim households all over the world proceed to put on chhapa printed garments for weddings.

Step by step, fashionable strategies and tools changed expert artisans for this labour-intensive artwork, forcing plenty of them to stop the work. Nevertheless, many artisans within the streets of Sabzibagh, Shahganj and Sadar Gali of Patna are making efforts to maintain this age-old craft alive.

Whereas crimson and inexperienced was the one colors for chhapa earlier, they’re now accessible in a number of vibrant colors together with yellow, blue, violet and pink.

To study extra in regards to the conventional artwork kind, watch this video:

Edited by Asha Prakash

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