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How To Inform The Intercourse Of A Kitten In 6 Easy Steps

If you happen to’ve acquired a brand new kitten, or have a feminine cat that not too long ago produced a litter, one a part of kitten care is figuring out appropriately decide their intercourse. Questioning if in case you have woman or boy kittens? It may be tough to find out the intercourse of kittens, particularly when they’re very younger, however this easy information will gives skilled tricks to make it simpler.

Fast Overview


Kittens must be left unhandled for the primary few weeks to bond with their mom after which dealt with solely very rigorously.


The principle evaluation of gender is by visible evaluation of the genitalia, with a cautious bodily examination if wanted.


Coat coloration and conduct may give some clues as to a kitten’s intercourse, however are a lot much less dependable.

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How To Decide The Intercourse Of A Kitten: 6 Easy Steps

Essentially the most correct solution to inform the intercourse of a kitten is to take a look at their genitals, however studying to do that may be difficult.

There are just a few simple steps to observe, together with ready for the proper time, right dealing with, after which visible and bodily evaluation of their genital area. Coat coloration can typically supply a clue (hiya, torties!), however one of the simplest ways is to take a look at the genitals. Females have a smaller hole between the anus and genital opening, and boy cats may have small testicles between their anus and penis. Able to assess the intercourse of your kittens? Observe these steps:

#1 Be Affected person

Mom cat nursing kittens

Wait till the kittens are 2 to three weeks outdated earlier than trying to intercourse them.

If in case you have a mom cat that has not too long ago given beginning to a litter of kittens, it’s all the time thrilling to seek out out what mixture of genders you’ve gotten! However the mother-kitten bond wants time to develop, and disrupting the circulation of this essential relationship may cause issues. Human dealing with of new child kittens can result in rejection from the queen, so try to be affected person.

It’s advisable to go away younger kittens alone till they’re a minimum of 2 to three weeks of age earlier than attempting to find out the intercourse of the kittens. Persistence can be helpful in one other manner—figuring out the gender of a kitten is difficult when they’re very small!

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#2 Light Dealing with

Watch out when dealing with younger kittens, and take a look at to not hold a kitten away from their mom and littermates for too lengthy.

With the intention to assess the intercourse of your kitten, you’ll need to deal with it to watch its genitalia. Younger kittens are fragile and simply careworn. Decide them up gently, remaining near their littermates and mom, and maintain them carefully towards you in order that they really feel safer.

Scratching alongside their again to the bottom of the tail will hopefully set off the responsive lifting of the kitten’s tail, permitting you to visualise their genitals with out an excessive amount of dealing with.

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#3 Visible Evaluation Of The Genitalia

Checking kittens genitals for sex male or female

A feminine kitten’s vulva is a vertical slit near the anus (left); a male’s penis is decrease, with the testicles in between the penis and anus (proper).

Figuring out the gender of a kitten can often be achieved by visible evaluation of their rear finish.

A feminine kitten’s genitals encompass the vertical slit of the vulva sitting shut beneath the anus. The hole between the anus and vulva is small, and collectively they resemble an upside-down exclamation level or a small letter “i.”

A male kitten’s genitals encompass a pair of testicles beneath the anus, with the penis beneath these. The hole between the anus and genital opening is subsequently bigger in males, and the realm appears extra like a colon (:).

If you’re discovering it tough to inform a person kitten’s intercourse, it may be useful to visually examine two kittens to one another, till you discover two that look dissimilar, and by a detailed comparability of the 2 side-by-side it could actually turn into extra apparent that are feminine kittens and that are tomcats.

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#4 Bodily Evaluation

Holding kitten to check sex

If it’s arduous to visualise the genitalia, you’ll be able to gently really feel beneath the anus to attempt to find two tiny lumps (testes) to determine the kitten as male.

Visible cues must be adequate to intercourse kittens, but when all of them look too comparable to one another, mild bodily evaluation could also be needed. Take a kitten that you just suppose is a boy, and really rigorously use your thumb and finger to palpate the scrotum, slightly below the anus.

On a male cat, you would possibly have the ability to really feel two small, oval lumps underneath the pores and skin—these are the testes within the scrotum, which confirms that the kitten is male.

#5 Coat Colour

Litter of kittens with calico and tabby

Calico and tortoiseshell kittens are virtually all the time feminine, whereas orange tabby kittens are very often male.

If you happen to’re determined to know the intercourse of kittens earlier than they’re sufficiently old to deal with, their fur coloration would possibly give some indication, though this isn’t a completely dependable methodology.

Tricolor cats, akin to calico or tortoiseshell cats, are virtually all the time feminine. It is because this coloration sample is genetically sex-linked, decided by the chromosomes, and so solely current in feminine cats. Much less reliably, ginger or orange tabby cats usually tend to be male, with round 80% of this coat coloration being tomcats.

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#6 Conduct

Observing the conduct of kittens isn’t an correct manner of figuring out their intercourse.

Some cat homeowners and breeders are adamant you can inform a cat’s gender from their conduct and persona traits. This may be enjoyable to attempt however is certainly not a dependable methodology to inform the intercourse of a kitten. Women and men can each have particular person personalities and clear character traits and figuring out intercourse by how pleasant, loyal, or unbiased cats are is unattainable.

Nevertheless, grownup male cats are extremely territorial and extra prone to roam. They could additionally urine spray to ascertain their territory and turn into aggressive towards intruders. Feminine cats will turn into sexually mature from round 4 to five months of age and are available into common estrus through the breeding season. This would possibly contain behavioral modifications akin to calling, elevated affection, rolling round on the ground, and urine spraying.

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Stopping Undesirable Litters

Litter of kittens nursing from mom cat

It’s finest to have kittens spayed or neutered earlier than they attain sexual maturity, which might occur earlier than 6 months of age.

Having a litter of kittens is a big duty. Kittens turn into sexually mature from round 4 months of age, and might turn into pregnant from this time if efficiently mated. Cats are seasonal breeders, and females may have a number of estrus cycles all through the season (February to August within the Northern Hemisphere). With 4 to 6 kittens produced per litter, and the power for a number of pregnancies, cats are prolific breeders.

Until cats bear a spay or neuter process, they will begin producing litters of kittens from a really younger age. They are going to even mate with their siblings if each are stored intact and collectively. If in case you have two or extra kittens of reverse genders, converse to a veterinarian about neutering to forestall undesirable litters.

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Sexing Kittens: Remaining Ideas

Checking sex of kitten

As soon as you understand what to search for, figuring out the intercourse of a younger kitten generally is a easy job, as within the case of this male kitten.

New child kittens must be left effectively alone to bond with their mom for the primary few weeks. At that stage, they are often safely dealt with gently to evaluate their intercourse. Feminine kittens have a vulval opening which is a vertical slit, discovered slightly below the anus. Male kittens have a bigger hole between the anus and the penis, with the scrotum in between.

Small testicles is perhaps gently palpated within the scrotum. Coat coloration may also give some clues to a kitten’s intercourse, with tri-colored cats genetically decided to be feminine, and orange-haired cats extra prone to be male. Sexual behaviors can start from as early as 4 months of age, so accountable cat homeowners ought to take into account neutering underneath the recommendation of a veterinarian if they’ve kittens of multiple intercourse.

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Steadily Requested Questions

How are you going to inform if my kitten is a boy or a woman?

One of the best ways to find out gender in kittens is to take a look at their genitalia. In females, the vulva appears like a vertical slit and is straight beneath the anus. In males, the penis is rounded and is situated farther from the anus with the testicles in between.

Are you able to inform a kitten’s gender by its face?

It’s generally thought that male cats have fuller faces than the extra delicate females, however the one particular solution to assess a kitten’s intercourse is by visible evaluation of their genitalia.

What do feminine kittens’ privates seem like?

Feminine kittens have a vulva that appears like a small vertical slit. It’s situated straight beneath their anus. Their genital area, subsequently, appears somewhat just like the small letter “i.”

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