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How you can Take care of Your Senior Cat

Newt, my candy black cat with glowing inexperienced eyes, turns 11 this yr.

How the time flies…

In response to the American Affiliation of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), cats attain middle-age at 7, develop into seniors at 11, and geriatric from 15 on. As Newt prepares to transition from mid-life to her senior years, I’ve been specializing in how you can assist her age nicely, to age with grace, dignity, and pleasure.

Isn’t that what all of us need?

A striped orange cat with white whiskers sleeps in a bed underneath a fluffy blue blanket. His head rests on white sheets with blue stitching. A cup of tea sits on the bedside table. The text overlay reads: Caring for your senior cat.

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How you can Take care of Your Senior Cat: From the primary indicators of growing older and past

As mammals age, all of us–whether or not cat, canine, human, horse, or rhino–share a couple of issues in widespread: common wear-and-tear of muscle mass and joints, diminishing eyesight and listening to, and declines within the physique’s purposeful capability (for example, you’re much less more likely to run a marathon at 75 than at 25). Whereas we’re specializing in our feline mates right here, it’s useful to contextualize how your cat is likely to be feeling when it comes to your individual expertise. And, from our personal human expertise, there are a handful of things we all know that make the growing older course of a bit simpler. These embrace: food regimen, train, and life-style decisions. The identical elements apply to our cats, plus a couple of extra.

Let’s dig into every subject as we take into consideration how you can assist our cats age gracefully!

Meals and Water

This looks as if a strong place to start out as a result of it impacts all the opposite sides of your growing older cat’s general wellness. How? Cats thrive at a wholesome weight, even into their golden years. Overweight cats battle to get that all-important train, which diminishes high quality of life, and the opposite impacts of being obese embrace every little thing from osteoarthritis to diabetes to cardiovascular well being to hip dysplaysia… and plenty of extra.

What number of energy does a senior cat want?

Your cat’s food regimen performs a significant position in his general weight. This begins with getting the correct amount of energy every day, although it’s not as cut-and-dry as senior cats = much less energy prefer it is likely to be in people.

In response to VCA Animal Hospitals, “Much like people, vitality or calorie necessities in cats initially lower of their senior years however in contrast to people, vitality necessities begin to enhance round 11 years of age. It’s because, as cats age, they’ve issue digesting fat, proteins, and vitality.” Since geriatric cats require extra vitality, they might really want extra energy. Earlier than you’re tempted to modify your cat to a senior components, examine in together with your vet to speak about your cat’s particular caloric wants.

How a lot ought to I feed my growing older cat?

Energy are just one piece of the vitamin puzzle. Portion management is one other large one. Don’t depend on the instructed serving measurement printed on the bag or can. Bear in mind your cat’s vitality stage, age (for caloric wants, as talked about above), and up to date blood panels. Your vet may help you determine the each day wants per day, then divide that by nonetheless many meals you feed. Then, regulate your cat’s weight and alter as wanted. For Newt, we feed moist meals for breakfast and dinner, and dry meals for lunch. After a bout of sickness and a change to a novel protein prescription food regimen, we found she misplaced virtually a pound–and for a 9-pound cat, that was lots! So, we adjusted her portion–which doesn’t match what’s on the can–and now she’s resting at a wholesome weight. Be ready to experiment and alter, as wanted, and don’t neglect to take into consideration any treats you would possibly feed every day!

How a lot water ought to my cat drink?

Since kidney operate can deteriorate with age, hydration turns into much more essential–and everyone knows how essential it’s already. In the event you haven’t fed moist meals, think about providing a bit or mixing it in with dry to provide your cat extra moisture with meals. Monitor your cat’s most popular ingesting conduct. If she likes working water, like sipping out of a faucet, think about a fountain. In our home, we’ve got this pagoda fountain in an upstairs room and this zen fountain downstairs. Newt appears to desire the pagoda, whereas Ripley, who’s 5 years outdated, prefers the zen. With each accessible, everybody can select. We even have a raised water dish (just like this) for Cooper, and the cats usually perch on the sting to lap up his water. You probably have a number of cats in your house, or a mix of cats and canines, place water dishes in quite a lot of spots so your senior cat doesn’t really feel like she will be able to’t entry her most popular watering gap.

Litter Field

First issues first: In case your growing older cat is having accidents, head to the vet. There are lots of underlying medical causes of inappropriate elimination, and also you wish to rule these out–or deal with them–first. Cats are specialists at masking ache and signs, so a vet go to should be your first step.

Assuming nothing is medically flawed, or in case your cat isn’t having accidents, assess your litter field scenario. As cats age, they might have issue on stairs. Be sure every ground of your own home has a litter field. In case your cat isn’t fairly making it on time, think about including extra packing containers so he all the time has one close by.

Litter packing containers must be simply accessible, too. Which means no large jumps or maneuvers must be required to enter or exit. That is one thing I’m desirous about in our house proper now. All three of our litter packing containers are this field. Does Newt battle to achieve entry? No. Would possibly she sooner or later? Completely. I can’t think about any of them will have to be changed anytime quickly–they’re truly actually unbelievable packing containers–however we could add a walk-in field now in one other location, simply to put the groundwork.

As for the litter, until you completely should, strive to not make any modifications. Older cats, similar to older people, can really feel set of their methods. An pointless disruption would possibly add stress, and until there’s a necessity, keep on with what works.

A closeup of a black cat with green eyes. The green background is blurred.
My candy Newt, aka Newtie, Newtkins, Newtles (stated like “noodles”)

Senior Cat Habits

Whereas some conduct modifications as our cats age, it’s a mistake to imagine all conduct modifications are a results of growing older. Older cats would possibly transfer slower or play much less… or that may be an indication of arthritis. Older cats might sound disoriented once you buy a brand new couch… or that is likely to be an early warning signal of cognitive dysfunction.

Look ahead to shifts: in case your litter-box-trained cat begins peeing on the carpet, or your fastidious kitty stops grooming herself, or your cat-tree-climbing cat immediately begins staying grounded, it’s time to name in reinforcements. Your vet is your associate in investigating unusual cat conduct. There could also be a medical trigger to the sudden change that may be handled–or, no less than, managed–to enhance your cat’s high quality of life.

Total, although, some key steps to take to help your senior cat’s conduct embrace:

  • lowering general stress within the family
  • sustaining constant routines
  • encouraging your cat to play (even when it’s slower!)
  • offering numerous psychological enrichment to maintain your cat’s mind in form
  • visiting the vet no less than as soon as however ideally twice a yr for senior wellness exams

Grooming and Physique Care

Whereas cats are infamous for holding themselves neat and tidy, the growing older course of could introduce extra challenges. There are three large areas to give attention to to assist your cat age gracefully:

Pores and skin and Coat Take care of Senior Cats

Similar to in people, growing older cats’ pores and skin loses elasticity. This makes it extra inclined to harm and an infection. Plus, cats who’re battling arthritis or degenerative joint illness could discover grooming painful. So, filth and useless pores and skin can construct up, unfastened hair could get caught, lengthy hair can get matted. All that to say: Brush your growing older cat! If it’s not presently in your routine, that’s okay. You can begin with small strokes with a comfortable brush when your cat is already relaxed, then construct as much as a each day observe over time. As soon as the routine is in place, you’ll discover any cuts, scrapes, or dry spots earlier than they’ll develop into full-blown infections. And, as an added bonus, this little little bit of each day grooming can construct a stronger bond between you and your cat. (That is additional essential should you’ve adopted your cat as a senior–extra on that beneath!)

Dental Care

Do you sweep your cat’s enamel? In that case, stick with it! If not, then you’re within the overwhelming majority. The Atlantic reported that lower than 5 p.c of cat house owners brush their cat’s enamel. That very same article additionally reported that periodontal illness in pet cats can exceed 80 p.c. Yikes. However, let’s be actual: It is likely to be too tense to start out up a brand new dental care routine in your geriatric cat. There are water components accessible, together with dental treats. Like many issues, although, the perfect place to start out is together with your vet. Newt not too long ago underwent a fully-sedated dental cleansing, which I wished to do now whereas she’s nonetheless tremendous wholesome and whereas we had current blood panels accomplished. Fortunately, her enamel have been in fairly nice form as a result of, I need to confess, I’m among the many 95 p.c of non-brushers. Nevertheless, our vet advisable some dental treats to maintain tartar buildup at bay, so we’re including that to her general grooming routine.

Nail Care

Simpler stated than completed, I do know, however you could trim your aged cat’s nails. Sadly, many cats’ nails go for too lengthy, particularly as they grow old and maybe tougher to trim, however the result’s painful. Nails can curve beneath and press into your cat’s pads. Why is that this very true for older cats? Properly, many older cats climb much less and scratch much less, so their nails don’t shed as a lot naturally. Begin a nail-trimming routine, even when it’s just one nail per day. Now we have a strong nail filing routine for each Newt and Ripley, and I’m completely happy to share the key to our success: squeeze cheese. We spray a line of canned cheese alongside the lavatory counter and trim away whereas they lick it up. Now, once we get down the can of cheese, the cats sprint to the lavatory, excited for what’s to return. Give it a whirl and let me know the way it works for you!

Particular Concerns for Growing older Cats

Adjustments in Sensory Acuity

Growing older cats can lose visible and auditory acuity. They may not develop into blind or deaf, however one or each of these senses could diminish as your cats age. In the event you suspect your cat is dropping her listening to, take precautions to not startle her. Stomping the ground once you enter a room is one good approach to notify her of your presence. In case your cat’s sight is worsening, it may be useful to go away small lights on at midnight. The objectives for lack of both sense is to, first, stop her from injuring herself in a fall and to stop scaring your cat by startling her, which may additionally generally trigger an harm–even when it’s an emotional one.

Heat and Padding

Growing older cats could lose muscle mass and will actually profit from comfortable, comfortable surfaces for snoozing. Cat mother confession: I simply added this one to my cart for pricey Newtie.

Cats with arthritis would possibly want a mattress that mixes a comfortable floor with a agency inner padding, one thing like this mattress, in order that they’re cushioned and supported on the similar time.

Older cats, similar to older people, have bother regulating their physique temperature, so entry to heat areas away from drafts will be comforting. In the event you can supervise your cat resting on a heating pad set on low or an excellent cute warming pad, he would possibly get pleasure from that too, particularly if he suffers from degenerative joint illness or arthritis.

Normal Senior Cat Well being Considerations

Growing older isn’t a illness.

Growing older isn’t a illness, however growing older makes our cats extra inclined to illness. Most of what we’ve already lined right here gives a strong basis for general well being and wellbeing for senior cats. Nevertheless, sadly, no meals or mattress or toothpaste can stop our cats from succumbing to age-related diseases.

A number of the extra widespread illnesses our older cats face embrace:

  • kidney illness
  • diabetes
  • hyperthyroidism
  • coronary heart illness
  • arthritis
  • dental illness

And the massive one: most cancers.

Common checkups can catch illness–paws crossed–earlier than it’s too uncontrolled to deal with. Blood work ought to develop into a part of your senior cat’s routine wellness checks. Urine checks will be added if there are issues.

Hopefully by now you’ve picked up on a typical thread: Your vet is your associate in serving to your cat age with grace and dignity. (By the best way, should you don’t really feel like your vet is your associate, it’s by no means too late to buy round for a brand new practitioner. You and your cat should really feel seen and heard.)

Adopting or Fostering a Senior Cat

An elderly man in a khaki jacket leans forward to touch noses with a fluffy black and white cat.

Older cats are sometimes ignored at animal shelters. However should you’re wanting so as to add a feline good friend to your loved ones, don’t move by the seniors! They’re usually calmer than kittens and plenty of are already litter field skilled. Plus, many shelters provide “Seniors for Seniors” applications the place human seniors can undertake feline seniors for a diminished–and even free–adoption price. Senior cats can stay many lengthy, joyful, completely happy years, and the kindness and compassion of adopting a senior is certain to make these years even sweeter.

Finally, how finest to care in your senior cat depends in your love and compassion.

Our cats fill such a particular position in our lives, and as troublesome because the senior years will be, they deserve nothing however grace, dignity, love, and compassion via each second. I plan on monitoring Newt’s well being with twice a yr vet visits and common weigh-ins. I plan on persevering with to spoil her, Ripley, and Cooper as a result of they’re my lovies who deserve no much less, regardless of their age!

Lastly, if you wish to rock your senior cat love, try this cute T-shirt or this good mug.

Do you’ve a senior cat in your life? We’d love to satisfy her or him within the feedback! 🙂 In case your cat isn’t but a senior, what steps are you taking to help your cat as time passes?

Picture credit: 1st Picture by Pietro Schellino on Unsplash, 2nd Picture of Newt by my husband, and third Picture by ModCatShop on Unsplash

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