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Cats, being obligate carnivores, are vulnerable to constipation. A typical grownup cat poops as soon as each 24 – 36 hours. In case your cat does it much less incessantly or has problem defecating, and it’s onerous and dry, please plan to go to the vet as quickly as potential. Don’t make a mistake by assuming it’s regular habits or the cat would recuperate with out your intervention.

Constipation in cats might develop into a major drawback. Your cat might require intensive medical intervention, together with (however not restricted to) surgical procedure.

Learn on and study extra in regards to the indicators of constipation in cats and completely different cures. However first, what causes constipation in cats?


Picture by Marina Khrapova on Unsplash


Causes of constipation in cats

A number of issues might trigger tough or rare bowel actions in cats. The commonest causes embody the next:

  • Ingestion of indigestible materials (particularly fur as a consequence of self-grooming).
  • Low fiber weight loss program.
  • Dehydration.
  • Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract by overseas our bodies.
  • Tumors.
  • Strictures (narrowings) within the GI tract.
  • Electrolyte disturbances.
  • Neuromuscular illness.
  • Constipation could possibly be a facet impact of ingesting completely different medicine.
  • Enlarged prostate gland.

Though we all know the main causes, it’s usually onerous to establish a selected reason for constipation in cats. The next are the primary signs of constipation in cats.

Indicators of constipation in cats

Rare or problem in bowel actions

Rare defecation is maybe the primary signal chances are you’ll discover. Most cats expertise bowel actions as soon as each 24-36 hours. In case your cat takes longer, if she goes for 48 – 72 hours with out visiting the litter field efficiently, she could also be constipated.

Be barely extra observant of your cat’s habits and look out for the next signs.

Dry and onerous stools in and across the litter field

Stool from a wholesome cat ought to have a wealthy brown colour, well-formed and strong, however not onerous. It ought to be sufficiently moist to permit litter to stay on it. Nevertheless, in case your cat is constipated, chances are you’ll discover the stool may be very dry and onerous. A fast look across the litter field, and you may even see not every little thing is in its appropriate place. The cat might have felt uncomfortable or been in ache and left the litter field earlier than ending.

Vocalizing or straining when attempting to make use of the litter field

One other signal that your cat could possibly be constipated is her habits in the direction of the litter field. Your cat could possibly be crying or straining when utilizing the litter field. She might go out and in a number of occasions earlier than utilizing it efficiently. Typically the cat might keep away from it altogether.

Different signs of constipation in cats embody

  • Lack of urge for food.
  • Lethargy.
  • Shows of belly discomfort.
  • Lack of self-grooming.
  • A hunched place.

The above signs might additionally point out the existence of different illnesses. For instance, urinary tract points even have comparable signs. Subsequently, it’s essential to contact a vet everytime you discover these indicators. Don’t ignore your cat, particularly if she is older.

Therapy of constipation in cats

Relying on the severity of constipation, remedy might be on the vet or house. A number of the cures you’ll be able to administer at house embody:

  • Enhance the cat’s water consumption. Dehydration is a major issue that contributes to constipation. Boosting your cat’s water consumption might assist. Attempt organising extra ingesting stations across the house. If the cat fancies flavored water, think about including a little bit of tuna or beef broth.
  • Change the weight loss program to fiber-rich moist cat meals. If the cat likes it, it should considerably scale back the probabilities of constipation. You may add some pumpkin to the cat’s weight loss program.
  • Train and enrichment actions. Common train and enrichment actions assist to strengthen intestine muscle tissues making it simpler for the cat to go stool.

Alternatively, extreme instances of constipation in cats ought to solely be attended to by a professional vet. A number of the remedies the vet might administer embody:

  • Enemas. The vet would irrigate liquid by the rectum into the colon. The motion will increase the moisture degree of fecal matter and stimulates the contraction of bowel muscle tissues. It triggers fecal evacuation. Though some individuals recommend you are able to do enemas at house, you shouldn’t. It could possibly be harmful for you and your cat.
  • Laxatives work by growing the water content material of the cat’s stool or by lubricating the fecal matter. There are a number of vet-approved laxatives. Nevertheless, we recommend that you just seek the advice of a professional vet to get a secure prescription to your cat.
  • Guide evacuation of the stool.
  • Surgical procedure. In extreme instances, the cat might develop obstruction or megacolon. In such instances, remedy is by surgical procedure and will solely be by the vet. However you’ll be able to assist your cat recuperate rapidly.

Writer: Elsa Smith

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