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Movie | Barn Owls Willow & Ghost | Superb Owl Mother and father


Barn owls Willow and Ghost are unbelievable owl dad and mom. Watch as they defy the chances after laying their eggs within the useless of winter.

Breeding season begins early

For barn owls Willow & Ghost the breeding season begins in December. Not solely is there nonetheless snow on the bottom, however their final brood have barely left the nest. Watch as Willow chases away her three chicks in order that she and Ghost can start getting ready for a brand new household.

Getting ready the nest

Watch Willow scrape out a hole to put eggs in. Usually barn owls lay in spring so while this isn’t remarkable behaviour, it’s uncommon.

Defending the nest

Willow appears notably eager on this nest. However she should struggle for it. Watch her see off barn owls and kestrels to verify Sycamore Stump is hers.

Willow lays egg

By mid-January the primary egg is right here. Willow should now incubate and can depend on Ghost to provide her with meals. When he turns up with only a small morsel of meals she nearly throws it at him.

Two extra eggs

Barn owls lay their eggs 2/3 days aside. Willow’s second egg is 2 days after the primary and the third one other 3 days later. Watch the male barn owl Ghost’s response when he sees his two eggs.

Incubating eggs in February

As blizzards howl and rain lashes the nest, Ghost struggles to fly to hunt for meals. However the pair battle on, conserving their eggs heat regardless of the storms.

Barn owl Skye hatches

Eventually the primary chick hatches and inside a number of hours Willow is feeding this tiny owlet its first meal. The chick, a feminine later named Skye, can barely sit upright and its eyes are but to open.

Chicks 2 & 3 hatch

The 2nd & third chicks hatch and Willow & Ghost’s at the moment are so busy feeding and incubating. The chicks var in dimension significantly , and the older two can already bob their heads and flap their wings.

First peeks outdoors

By March the chicks are begin spending their days searching of the nest.

Owl tub

Barn owls have to preserve their feathers clear and after so lengthy within the nest Willow bathes within the pond.

Owlets now alone

The climate is now scorching and because the chicks develop there may be much less room within the nest, so Willow strikes out. However she stays shut and to guard the chicks.

Flight feathers

Slowly the chicks lose their fluffy down. As their grownup plumage grows via, the ground of the nest is roofed within the tiny waxy pins that prime the flight feathers.

Sibling love

Now that they’re alone, the chicks handle each other. However this sibling love goes out of the window when there may be meals about!

First fledge

Skye is the primary to fledge. This entails a brief flight out of the nest and again.

ID rings

The owlets get identification tags and we learn to inform the distinction between male & feminine barn owls and revel in a detailed up of how their claws match collectively like items of a jigsaw to assist them hunt.

Fledgling owlets develop up

Over the following month the owlets excellent their flying and searching abilities, utilizing Sycamore nest as a base. It’s superb to look at them achieve confidence.

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