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Movie | Kestrel Chicks All Alone After Mum Disappears


When kestrel mum Mrs Kes disappears, she leaves six chicks on their lonesome. Chilly and hungry, they’ll certainly die with out her. Discover out what occurs and learn the way robust kestrel mums should be to carry up their infants within the wild. 

Feminine kestrel has six chicks

Mrs Kes’s six chicks are simply a few days outdated and he or she has her work reduce out.

Defending nest

Already she has needed to battle off barn owls, jackdaws, tawny owls, and even a pink kite, to maintain them secure.

Feeding the chicks

In the meantime she should feed her chicks. Kestrel chicks can’t handle huge items of meals so she tears it into small morsels and feeds every chick in flip.

In the meantime the male supplies

Whereas the feminine kestrel feeds the chicks, the male’s principal function is to supply for the household.

However Mrs Kes isnt nicely

However over the following few days, Mrs Kes doesn’t appear herself. She’s an skilled mom, however now, she’s stressed. She leaves the nest extra typically than she ought to and is on edge. She’s not sleeping nicely both.

Night time menace

As night time falls, Mrs Kes is especially jumpy. She will be able to hear the tawny owls exterior. Then one tries to enter the nest and Mrs Kes leaps to defend her chicks.

Unsteady flight

Kestrels can’t see in the dead of night, so when she hears one thing she heads out to research, however falls on her return. And when the tawny owl dwelling subsequent door, Luna, flies too near the kestrel nest, Mrs Kes loses her footing once more. She clearly isn’t as sturdy or nimble as standard.

Mrs Kes disappears leaving chicks alone

Ten minutes later, simply after midnight, this feminine kestrel heads out of the nest. By morning, Mrs Kes hasn’t returned and the chicks are calling desperately. Mr Kes returns with meals and drops a vole on to the nest flooring. However he has no concept the way to feed them. In the event that they don’t eat quickly, they’ll die. The male retains returning with extra prey One of many chicks tries to eat, but it surely doesn’t know the way to break up the meals.

Time to intervene

The chicks have been alone for 10 hours and the chicks are getting chilly. I climb the ladder and punctiliously open up the nest. It is stuffed with mice, which usually the feminine would’ve fed to them by now.

Well being verify

The very last thing I wished to do was to take these chicks out of the nest however a few of them are actually struggling now. I determine that three of the chicks are too weak to return into the nest. I place a warmth mat within the nest to maintain the opposite three heat and place them again inside. It’s actually essential, if the feminine does return, there are chicks in right here, in any other case she would possibly abandon this nest.

Hand feeding the chicks

The chicks I introduced in are doing nicely. They’ve warmed up and are consuming hungrily.

Mr Kes tries to brood

When Mr Kes returns he tries to brood the chicks. That is very uncommon for a male kestrel. 

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