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New Titanosaur Dinosaur Species Found In Argentina

A brand new species of dinosaur, Chucarosaurus diripienda, has been found in Argentina.

An enormous, even amongst dinosaurs, the brand new species belonged to a bunch generally known as Titanosaurs, which incorporates a number of the largest dinosaurs ever to have lived.

The fossilized bones of Chucarosaurus diripienda have been so huge that the van carrying them tipped over whereas on its solution to the laboratory.

Like different Titanosaurs, Chucarosaurus diripienda was a long-necked, long-tailed, herbivorous dinosaur that walked on 4 sturdy legs. The new species is estimated to have weighed 50 tonnes, and to have been round 30 meters in size.

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Discovery Of Chucarosaurus diripienda

Chucarosaurus diripienda was found in rocks of Argentina’s Huincul Formation, a geological formation positioned within the Neuquén Basin, Rio Negro Province, Northwestern Patagonia.

Argentinosaurus in forest
Argentinosaurus, a titanosaur associated to Chucarosaurus diripienda

The fossils have been first found in 2018, and the scientific paper (supply) describing the brand new dinosaur was printed by Federico Agnolin of the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales and colleagues in early 2023.

As is the case with many dinosaur discoveries, the fossilized stays of Chucarosaurus diripienda have been incomplete; all that remained of the massive dinosaur have been quite a lot of limb bones and a part of the pelvis.

The specimen was given the reference MPCA PV 820. From this, and one other, even less-complete specimen (reference MPCA PV 821), discovered inside 200 m of the primary, researchers have been in a position constructed up an entire image of Chucarosaurus diripienda.

Chucarosaurus diripienda

Chucarosaurus diripienda belonged to a bunch of dinosaurs generally known as Titanosaurs, which itself is an element of a bigger group generally known as sauropods.

Sauropod dinosaurs have been a bunch of long-necked, long-tailed, quadrupedal herbivores. Among the most well-known sauropods embrace Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and Argentinosaurus.

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Characterised by their colossal dimension, small heads relative to their our bodies, column-like legs, and tooth tailored for a plant-based weight loss program, sauropods dominated many Jurassic and Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems.

Chucarosaurus diripienda itself had an estimated weight of fifty tonnes, which is round eight occasions that of a male African bush elephant. Its size was an estimated 30 meters, the identical as that of a blue whale, the world’s largest residing animal.

The title Chucarosaurus diripienda refers back to the accident which noticed the van carrying the dinosaur’s stays tip over whereas en path to the laboratory. “Chucarosaurus” means “laborious and indomitable reptile”, whereas “diripienda” means “scrambled”.


Argentinosaurus, a titanosaur present in South America.

Titanosaurs have been a bunch of sauropod dinosaurs that thrived in the course of the Cretaceous interval, recognized specifically for his or her exceptional dimension.

Though discovered throughout the globe, Titanosaurs are significantly well-represented within the fossil report of the Southern Hemisphere.

Most titanosaurs have been characterised by lengthy necks and tails, with a cumbersome physique supported by 4 column-like legs. Regardless of their uniform physique plan, the group confirmed a exceptional range in dimension, starting from species as small as a pony to a number of the largest terrestrial animals that ever lived, corresponding to Argentinosaurus and Patagotitan.

Some titanosaurs, corresponding to Saltasaurus, possessed a type of physique armor consisting of small, bony plates generally known as osteoderms embedded within the pores and skin.

Because the final surviving group of long-necked dinosaurs, titanosaurs symbolize the ultimate burst of sauropod evolution, present till the end-Cretaceous extinction occasion roughly 66 million years in the past.

The Huincul Formation

Neuquen Basin Argentina From Space
The Neuquén Basin From Area. The Neuquén River might be seen winding its method via the rocky panorama.

The Huincul Formation is a geologic formation positioned within the Neuquén Basin in Argentina, South America. This formation, which dates again to the Late Cretaceous interval, roughly 95 to 100 million years in the past, is famend for its wealthy fossil report, particularly for its numerous dinosaur fauna.

Notable dinosaur species found within the Huincul Formation embrace carnivorous theropods corresponding to Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus, each among the many largest predatory dinosaurs recognized.

Moreover, the formation has yielded stays of quite a lot of titanosaurs, together with Argentinosaurus, one of many largest dinosaurs ever found.

The excessive focus of dinosaur fossils on the Huincul Formation has made it a essential website for understanding dinosaur range and ecology in the course of the Cretaceous interval.

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