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Pet and kitten fragility – Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

Puppies and kittens obtain immune safety (maternally derived antibodies – MDAs) by ingesting their mother’s first milk referred to as colostrum. Whereas human infants obtain immune safety from their mom earlier than beginning, puppies and kittens ONLY have these MDAs to guard them. 

Why we have now to be very cautious between 4-12 weeks of age
  • Pet and kitten immune methods are each fragile and really prone to infectious illness. Particularly between 4-12 weeks previous. 
  • That is additionally when puppies and kittens could also be altering properties, which might be an added potential stressor. 
  • The Crucial Interval happens when these MDAs are “used up” and but the protecting advantages of vaccination haven’t been totally achieved. 
kitten, immune protectionUse additional precaution with puppies and kittens

An oz of prevention is price a pound of treatment.  All the time assume {that a} younger animal is prone to sickness since they’ve an immature immune system. 

  • Restrict the dangers.  Take into consideration pathogens (“bugs”), the atmosphere and vitamin and the way they’ll all impression a really younger animal. 
  • GI (digestive) system parasites akin to Giardia and intestinal worms are widespread. They will simply be handed to puppies and kittens. 
  • Infectious illnesses like Parvovirus are VERY harmful. It’s extremely contagious and survives for lengthy durations of time within the atmosphere. 
Passive carriage:puppy, immune protection
  • Sure parasites, micro organism and viruses are in a position to survive for brief or lengthy durations of time on the surface of a pet or within the atmosphere. 
  • The youthful the pet or kitten, the extra prone they’re to an infection. 
  • We want to pay attention to our means to unfold illness between animals. Passive carriage is among the methods this could occur. 
The immature GI system of puppies and kittens makes them extra susceptible to digestive upset

puppy, immune protection

  • Feeding smaller parts extra often helps enhance fecal high quality. 
  • All the time assume that GI parasites together with infectious illness are prospects in younger puppies and kittens.  
    • Safety – Make sure to maintain unvaccinated puppies and kittens away from different furry buddies. As well as, encourage pet mother and father to depart them at residence. 
    • Wash your fingers – particularly when you’re about to deal with a pet or kitten proper after doing so. 
    • Ask when you’re undecided – don’t be afraid to ask if a pet or kitten has acquired any vaccines. 

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