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The 5 BEST Chicken Feeders For Cardinals (That Work in 2023)

What are the BEST chook feeders for cardinals?

types of northern cardinal bird feeders

It’s a typical query requested by each skilled and newbie chook watchers.

However why?

Properly, in my view, it’s as a result of the Northern Cardinal is without doubt one of the most beautiful birds round. It’s arguably the preferred chook native to North America.


And personally, cardinals have a VERY IMPORTANT function at our home.

They’re my daughter’s favourite sort of chook! (See video beneath)

Listed below are FIVE chook feeders that appeal to cardinals the very best in my yard.

Then on the finish, I’ll present FIVE suggestions for feeding Northern Cardinals! (Click on the hyperlink to leap straight there)

This is without doubt one of the finest total feeders in my yard! Northern Cardinals feed on it each day and love touchdown on the perches to get some meals.

best feeders for cardinals

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  • This massive hopper chook feeder is the centerpiece of my yard feeding space. It’s the place I put my normal chook seed combine (sunflower, peanut items, safflower, and white millet) that’s designed to draw as many species as potential, along with Northern Cardinals.
  • It holds a whole lot of seeds; as much as 12 kilos (5.5 kg) if crammed to the highest!
  • Cardinals had been feeding on this feeder throughout the first HOUR of hanging it up. Watch the video beneath to see Northern Cardinals feeding on the Absolute II!

  • It’s “squirrel resistant.” The feeder is designed to shut if there’s an excessive amount of weight on the feeding perches (resembling a squirrel). Up to now, it’s working, and the squirrels haven’t figured it out.
  • Very sturdy – the physique is made from metal, and it ought to final a very long time. There’s additionally no likelihood that squirrels or raccoons will be capable of chew by means of it. *I’ve owned my Absolute II for nearly 5 years, and it’s nonetheless going sturdy.*
  • My Absolute II is hanging freely, however it can be mounted to a pole. Nevertheless, make certain to make use of a heavy-duty one as a result of the feeder is heavy when filled with seed!
  • Tremendous simple to refill. The highest lid unlatches simply to open.
  • The seed is nicely protected against the rain. I’ve had no issues with mould or seed clumping as a consequence of moisture or dampness.

Best Cardinal Feeders

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  • This feeder is flexible and has many functions in my yard. Northern Cardinals adore it as a result of it gives them with an enormous, open space to land and feed. The massive tray offers them loads of house to really feel snug.
  • The dome over the feeding tray helps to maintain rain and snow off the seed. And the water that does get onto the seeds will drain away by means of the small holes within the tray.
  • This cardinal feeder is constructed of sturdy and sturdy polycarbonate plastic. It is rather robust, sturdy, and immune to cracking or breaking. No worries if this by chance falls to the bottom.
  • Dorothy’s Cardinal Feeder is made by Droll Yankees, who’ve a incredible repute for high quality chook merchandise. Made in America (as are all their merchandise!) and backed by their Lifetime Guarantee, which covers any faulty half or any injury attributable to squirrels.


  • Since it’s constituted of clear plastic, this cardinal chook feeder isn’t essentially the most ornamental or aesthetically pleasing in my yard. Nevertheless, this isn’t one thing that I care about as a result of it really works nicely and attracts cardinals.
  • The plastic tray doesn’t maintain a lot meals. I’ve to refill this feeder each day.

tray feeder for northern cardinals

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Do you know that Northern Cardinals additionally take pleasure in feeding on the bottom?

Due to this truth, I like to recommend giving them a spot to eat beneath your feeders. I exploit a picket tray feeder and it is without doubt one of the finest feeders for Northern Cardinals that I personal!

Take a look at the LIVE view of my tray feeder for an opportunity to see a cardinal proper now.


  • This is a wonderful, multi-purpose tray feeder and a favourite for cardinals. Simply unfold their favourite meals, like sunflower seeds, on high! I normally put treats and meals on the tray for different birds, resembling entire peanuts, corn kernels, fruit, and mealworms.
  • It’s strong and nicely constructed – constituted of cedar and screwed collectively nicely. In fact, you should purchase less expensive platform feeders, however you sometimes “ALWAYS get what you pay for!”
  • The steel display screen backside gives wonderful drainage. Your birdseed and meals won’t ever be sitting in standing water.
  • The tray can be utilized in 3 ways. It may be positioned on the bottom, hung with a wire, or mounted to a pole. Presently, I’ve this feeder sitting on the bottom beneath my feeders, as you’ll be able to see within the video above.

I even have it mounted to my feeder pole to offer birds a big space to feed!

best tray feeder

  • The steel display screen backside is detachable and slides proper out. This makes the feeder very simple to scrub!
  • It’s large and might maintain plenty of birds at one time. (16.4 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches or 41.6 x 33.6 x 6.0 cm)

woodlink hopper

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  • This straightforward, open design permits many cardinals to feed comfortably without delay and from each side.
  • The chook feeder is straightforward to refill due to the hinged roof. It holds about 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) of seed.
  • It’s made from 90% recycled plastic, so it’s going to by no means rot or disintegrate.
  • The feeder has a mesh display screen backside that gives wonderful drainage
  • It’s not flashy, however it works, which is why it’s among the finest cardinal chook feeders out there!

aspects tube bird feeder

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Normally, tube feeders should not best for Northern Cardinals. They sometimes have a tough time utilizing the perches as a result of they’re too small and so they have a troublesome time turning their heads to achieve the meals ports.

aspects tube feeder and tray

To rework this tube feeder into one which cardinals and different bigger birds will use, you’ll want to purchase a tray that attaches securely on the backside.

  • 12-inch tray – Appropriate with the Points hanging tube feeder featured above.

Here’s a video clip of my chook feeding station. You may see a cardinal feeding from the tray of the tube feeder within the again.

Northern Cardinals take pleasure in touchdown and discovering all of the sunflower seeds which have spilled from the feeding ports above. Every time I replenish this tube feeder, I sometimes throw a handful of meals straight on the tray so my cardinals have one thing to eat instantly.

Between the six feeding ports and connected tray, this feeder isn’t solely nice for cardinals however, basically, is one among my favourite chook feeders and attracts all kinds of species.

Lastly, it’s extremely sturdy, sturdy, and holds fairly a little bit of chook meals.

Extremely really helpful!

5 Ideas for Feeding Cardinals At Your Feeders!

Tip #1. Fill your feeders with their favourite meals.

The chook feeder is irrelevant if cardinals hate the meals inside. Think about that you’re a vegetarian and the very best steakhouse on the planet is subsequent to your home, your nonetheless by no means going to go!

So what varieties of meals do you have to put in your cardinal feeders?

A. Sunflower Seeds

types of bird seed - black-oil sunflower

Cardinals LOVE sunflower seeds and can readily eat the three totally different varieties that you simply normally see within the retailer.

Black oil sunflower seed: These are smaller sunflower seeds with a black shell. It’s a favourite seed to make use of in your feeders for cardinals as a consequence of its cheap value and attraction to all kinds of chook species.

Grey/Black striped sunflower seed: These are giant sunflower seeds that people additionally eat. Because the shells are bigger than black oil sunflower, not as many birds can crack the seeds open. However cardinals don’t have any drawback! A sensible choice if you wish to discriminate towards different birds.

Sunflower kernels/chips: This sunflower seed has had the shell eliminated, and simply the kernel is left. Sunflower kernels appeal to essentially the most intensive number of birds to your cardinal feeder as a result of many birds love sunflower seeds however can’t crack the shell. Nevertheless, kernels and chips are way more costly than black oil sunflower and striped sunflower seed.

B. Safflower

safflower seed - best bird food

Grown from the annual safflower plant, safflower seed is a well-liked addition to many varieties of birdseed mixes. It’s an awesome meals to make use of as a result of cardinals prefer it and eat the stuff up!

However right here’s the very best half!

Many different birds don’t like safflower seeds and can depart them alone in your feeder. Particularly, blackbirds (European Starlings!) and squirrels normally don’t eat safflower, who’re two of essentially the most distinguished bullies that present up at yard feeders.

best food for cardinal bird feeders

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So in case your purpose is to draw as many cardinals as potential and restrict the variety of different chook species, then safflower is a wonderful alternative.

C. Shelled Peanuts

peanut food for birds

Cardinals are additionally drawn to peanuts, so long as they’re already out of their shell.

Peanuts are a wonderful supply of protein and fats and may help cardinals get some additional diet throughout a tough winter.

However like sunflower, many different birds LOVE shelled peanuts too –  Jays, crows, woodpeckers, nuthatches, blackbirds, titmice, chickadees, doves, juncos, and extra!

Tip #2. Although cardinals are widespread, they’re shy.

Attempt to preserve your cardinal chook feeders away from home windows with a whole lot of motion. I’ve seen the farther my feeders get from my home; the extra cardinals appear to reach!

Discover a quiet spot in your yard to position your feeders, ideally with bushes and brush close by for them to land and conceal. Many instances, cardinals will hang around close to a feeder however keep hidden till they’re able to eat. That is particularly obvious after recent snow. We now have counted as many as 15 cardinals inside shut proximity to our feeders!

Tip #3. Cardinals take pleasure in feeding on the bottom.

Isn’t this ironic? I’m writing an article speaking about totally different cardinal chook feeders however these birds additionally love feeding on the bottom.

best bird feeders for cardinals

After I fill my feeders, I normally throw a handful of black oil sunflower seed on the bottom too. I hope that spreading sunflower seeds on the bottom will appeal to even the shyest cardinals to my yard.

Tip #4. The early Northern Cardinal will get the sunflower seeds!

Make certain your feeders are full each morning earlier than dawn. Cardinals are early risers and might be among the many first birds to go to day-after-day (and a number of the final to go away within the night).

Tip #5. Don’t panic if the cardinals don’t eat safflower seed straight away.

When you attempt to fill a feeder with ONLY safflower seed, your cardinals could not contact it at first. It’s not that they don’t prefer it, however they most likely have by no means had it earlier than.

My suggestion is to combine safflower into sunflower seed. Cardinals will inevitably eat some safflower and understand that it’s tasty and edible and will quickly go to a chook feeder simply filled with safflower.

Conclusion – The Greatest Chicken Feeders for Cardinals

Having your yard chook feeders full of lovely crimson Northern Cardinals shouldn’t be too difficult. Simply comply with the suggestions on this article:

1. Select a confirmed cardinal chook feeder.

2. Use meals that cardinals can’t resist: Sunflower, safflower, and peanuts.

3. Assessment the opposite suggestions offered to optimize your yard for Northern Cardinals.

Subsequent Steps

If this text was precious, please think about doing one of many following three issues:

1. When you resolve to buy one of many cardinal chook feeders listed above, please use one of many affiliate hyperlinks offered. For free of charge to you, I’d obtain a small proportion from that retailer. This lets me know that you simply discovered this text useful and covers the prices to run Chicken Watching HQ. I’d even be endlessly grateful. 🙂

2. Share this text! I don’t care what social community you favor, cross it round!

3. Use the feedback beneath to maintain the dialog going. I’d love to listen to your ideas and responses:

  • What chook feeders for cardinals have you ever had essentially the most success utilizing? 

  • Please share your finest suggestions and methods for feeding Northern Cardinals!

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