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The Final Information To The Animal Kingdom

A whole information to animals and the animal kingdom, plus hyperlinks to important animal data on Lively Wild.

Animal Pages on Lively Wild

Click on on the photographs and hyperlinks beneath to discover completely different facets of the animal kingdom.

Animals (This Web page)

Animals A Complete Guide

A whole information to animals and the animal kingdom. Discover out: what makes an animal an animal; how animals are categorised; invertebrates vs vertebrates, and the main sorts of animals.

Animal Classification

Animal Classification

Uncover how zoologists classify animals into teams equivalent to lessons, orders, and households.

Animals Round The World

Animals Around The World

Uncover wonderful animals from all world wide:

Animal Habitats


Animals have advanced to dwell in all kinds of habitats. On the pages beneath, you may discover numerous habitats and the animals present in every.

Discover Totally different Varieties Of Animals

Click on picture to find various kinds of animals

As a way to perceive the relationships between completely different species, zoologists classify animals into teams.

You’ll be able to see examples of animals in every of the main teams on the pages beneath:

Extra Animals…

Uncover Extra Superb Animals

Animal Lists
Click on picture to see different animal lists.

You’ll be able to discover the unbelievable range of animal life on the pages beneath:

Endangered Animals

Click on to see an updated checklist of endangered animals.

Sadly, many animal species all through the world are threatened with extinction. Discover out extra about endangered animals and the threats that they face on this web page:

Animal Information

Click on picture to see the newest animal information.

Keep updated with present affairs – see the newest animal and nature information:

Animal Species Profiles

Be taught extra about your favourite animals!

Animals – A Full Information

Animals A Complete Guide

Animals: Full Information – Index

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From the smallest bugs to the largest whales, deep sea fish to high-flying birds; animals are available in many alternative sizes and shapes and are present in almost each a part of the world.

The primary animals had been probably sponge-like sea creatures that appeared in Earth’s oceans round 665 million years in the past (supply). In the present day, over 2 million completely different animal species have been recognized (round half of that are bugs).

People Are Animals

Chimpanzees are our closest kinfolk within the animal kingdom, sharing round 97% of our DNA.

People are animals of the order Primates. Our closest kinfolk within the animal kingdom are chimpanzees (and bonobos), which, like us, belong to the “nice ape” household, Hominidae.

Phrases equivalent to “kingdom”, “order” and “household” are defined within the “Animal Classification” part, beneath.

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What Is An Animal?

What Is An Animal

An animal is a posh, multicellular organism that belongs to the organic kingdom Animalia – the animal kingdom.

Animals vary from comparatively easy organisms equivalent to sponges and jellyfish to advanced ones equivalent to people and elephants.

Animals Types
The entire above species are animals.

The animal kingdom isn’t the one kingdom: examples of different kingdoms embrace the plant kingdom (scientific identify Plantae), and the fungus kingdom (scientific identify Fungi).

As a way to be positioned within the animal kingdom, quite than one other kingdom, an organism should have sure traits, that are listed within the following part.

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Traits Of Animals

Under are listed the primary traits of animals.

All animals can transfer, however not all can transfer as quick as a cheetah – the world’s quickest land animal.
  • Animals are capable of transfer voluntarily, though not all animals show this trait all through their lives (corals, for instance, develop into connected to the ocean mattress after a short larval stage, throughout which they will swim).
  • Animals are heterotrophic, which suggests they depend on different organisms—vegetation and/or different animals—for his or her meals, as they can’t synthesize their very own meals as vegetation do through photosynthesis.
  • Animals are multicellular. Cells are the “constructing blocks” from which the our bodies of dwelling issues are made.

Whereas easy organisms, equivalent to micro organism and protozoa, are “unicellular”, which suggests they’re made up of only a single cell, animals are multicellular (multi-celled) organisms: they’re made up of 1000’s, and often thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands, of cells.

  • Animals have eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus and different organelles which can be enclosed inside limitations referred to as membranes.

The nucleus incorporates genetic data that tells the organism how one can develop. An organelle is a construction inside a cell, equivalent to a nucleus, that has a particular operate.

Each animals and vegetation have eukaryotic cells. Nonetheless, plant cells have sure options, equivalent to a inflexible cell wall and chloroplasts (which allow photosynthesis) that aren’t current in animal cells.

You will discover out extra about animal cells on this web page: Animal Cells

  • One of many defining options of animals is their skill to reply shortly to adjustments within the atmosphere, facilitated by their well-developed sensory and nervous methods. Not like vegetation, which generally react slowly to environmental adjustments, animals could make speedy, coordinated actions in response to numerous stimuli.
  • Though animals exhibit numerous types of copy, most animal species reproduce sexually.

Though all animals share the above traits, animals exhibit numerous physique plans, life cycles, and types of habits. The dominion Animalia is likely one of the most numerous teams of organisms on the planet, containing thousands and thousands of species unfold throughout numerous habitats across the globe.

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Animal Classification

Uncover extra on this web page: Animal Classification

Animal classification is the scientific system used to categorize and arrange the huge range of animals on Earth.

In animal classification, every animal is grouped based mostly on numerous options, equivalent to bodily traits, genetic relationships, and evolutionary historical past. Animal classification offers a structured method to identify, rank, and classify the thousands and thousands of animal species found.

The science of classifying organisms is known as taxonomy.

The first ranges of this technique, from broad to particular, are: area, kingdom, phylum, class, order, household, genus, and species. Every of those ranges is called a taxonomic rank.

Taxonomic Ranks From Broad To Particular

  • Area
  • Kingdom
  • Phylum (plural: phyla)
  • Class
  • Order
  • Household
  • Genus (plural: genera)
  • Species

A human belongs to the dominion Animalia, the phylum Chordata (animals with a notochord), the category Mammalia (mammals), the order Primates, the household Hominidae (nice apes and people), the genus Homo, and the species Homo sapiens.

Observe that genus and species names are italicized, and that the species identify has two components: the generic identify (the genus), adopted by the particular identify.

Animal classification not solely offers a standardized nomenclature for scientists to speak about completely different species, nevertheless it additionally reveals evolutionary relationships amongst numerous animal teams.

An instance of an animal group is the category Mammalia, whose members are often called mammals. All mammals have hair. Additionally they feed their younger with milk produced by the mom’s physique. (Think about how helpful it’s for younger mammals to have a ready-made supply of meals ready for them!)

Species categorised inside the identical household or genus share a newer widespread ancestor in comparison with these in several households or orders, and are subsequently extra intently associated.

For instance, people are extra closely-related to orangutans than they’re to canine. Though people, orangutans and canine all belong to the category Mammalia, people and orangutans each belong to the order Primates, whereas canine belong to the order Carnivora.

By evaluating traits and genetic sequences, scientists can infer these evolutionary relationships and assemble phylogenetic bushes, diagrams that depict the inferred evolutionary relationships. Such analyses have vastly superior our understanding of animal biodiversity and the evolutionary historical past of life on Earth.

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Varieties Of Animals

types of animals

You will discover out extra in regards to the various kinds of animals on this web page: Varieties of Animals

Vertebrates vs Invertebrates

wasp - an invertebrate
An unbelievable 97% of all identified animal species are invertebrates.

Vertebrates and invertebrates are two main divisions inside the kingdom Animalia, differentiated primarily by the presence or absence of a spine.

Vertebrates, belonging to the phylum Chordata, have a spine or spinal column, which types the primary assist construction for the physique and homes the spinal twine. This group consists of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

In distinction, invertebrates lack a spine and are immensely numerous, making up about 97% of all identified animal species. This group encompasses a number of phyla, together with Arthropoda (bugs, spiders, crustaceans), Mollusca (snails, clams, octopuses), Annelida (earthworms, leeches), and lots of others.

Vertebrates make up a self-contained group: the subphylum Vertebrata. Invertebrates belong to many alternative teams.

Whereas invertebrates exhibit a variety of physique plans and buildings, vertebrates have a extra standardized physique plan attributable to their shared spine construction.

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Varieties Of Invertebrates

Under are a few of the foremost sorts of invertebrates.

You’ll be able to see extra examples of invertebrates on this web page: Invertebrates Examples


Stunning as it might appear, sponges are animals.

Though seemingly extra like vegetation than animals, sponges are nonetheless members of Animalia.

Sponges are very primitive animals, missing organs and a nervous system. (A nervous system consists of nerves that transmit indicators between completely different components of the physique, permitting them to ‘speak’ to one another.) Not like different animals, the our bodies of sponges usually are not symmetrical.

Though most sponges connect themselves to the ocean mattress and don’t transfer as adults, sponge larvae are capable of swim.

Sea Squirts

Lightbulb Sea Squirt
Lightbulb Sea Squirt (Clavelina lepadiformis)

Sea squirts are tube-shaped sea animals, which, after a short while spent as free swimming larvae, affix themselves onto the ocean mattress. They filter particles of meals from water that’s handed by their our bodies.

Though, like sponges, sea squirts look extra like vegetation than animals, they’ve organs and a easy nervous system.


Lancelets are small fish-like animals with translucent our bodies. Though they don’t have a spine – and are subsequently not vertebrates – they do possess a versatile central nerve twine referred to as a notochord.

Lancelets are harvested for meals in some Asian international locations. They’re additionally studied by scientists for clues as to how vertebrates (animals with backbones) advanced.


Live Coral
Stay coral within the Philippines

You would possibly consider coral because the rocky substance that makes coral reefs. In reality, corals are invertebrate animals that, of their larval type, are capable of swim. Most corals stay of their larval type for just some days earlier than settling in an acceptable place.

The physique type of a coral is called a ‘polyp’. Polyps are tubular, with tentacles and a mouth at one finish. The coral secretes a tough substance referred to as calcium carbonate as a protecting exoskeleton. Coral reefs are fashioned by the exoskeletons of coral colonies.


Hercules Beetle
The Hercules Beetle, Dynastes hercules, is the longest species of beetle, and one of many world’s largest flying bugs.

Bugs are fairly presumably the most profitable group of animals ever to have existed. They’ve been round for 400 million years, first showing within the Devonian Interval. (By comparability, fashionable people solely appeared 200 thousand years in the past.)

Over a million insect species have been recognized – that’s greater than half of all identified animals. It’s estimated that there could also be as many as 10 million extant (dwelling) species in whole – so there are lots extra bugs ready to be found!

All bugs share the identical fundamental physique plan. An insect’s physique is split into three components: the head, thorax and stomach. An insect’s six legs are connected to the thorax, and its two antennae are connected to the pinnacle.

You will discover out extra about bugs on this web page: Bugs


Ghost Crab
Ghost Crab

Most individuals know that crabs are crustaceans, however the group incorporates many different sorts of animal, together with lobsters, shrimps and water fleas. Most crustaceans dwell within the sea, however some, equivalent to wooden lice, are tailored to dwelling on land.

A crustacean’s physique is protected by a tough exoskeleton. Many crustaceans have a carapace (exhausting shell), which is a part of the exoskeleton. The crustacean has to shed the exoskeleton with a purpose to develop.

You will discover out extra about crustaceans on this web page: Crustaceans

Mollusks (Molluscs in British English)

mollusk octopus
Octopuses are among the many most clever of all invertebrates.

The world’s oceans are dwelling to a better variety of mollusk species than to species of every other animal group.

The phylum Mollusca is extraordinarily assorted. It incorporates teams such because the bivalves (clams, oysters and mussels); gastropods (slugs and snails); and cephalopods (squid and octopuses).

Most mollusks dwell within the sea, however some, equivalent to snails and slugs, are additionally discovered on land.

A attribute of all mollusks is a specialised fleshy half referred to as a mantle. The mantle covers a lot of the physique and types a cavity which homes the mollusk’s important organs.

You’ll be able to see examples of mollusks on this web page: Mollusks Examples

You’ll be able to see extra examples of invertebrates on this web page: Invertebrates Examples

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Varieties Of Vertebrates

Red Kite
All birds, together with this crimson kite, are vertebrates.

Not like invertebrates, vertebrates (members of the subphylum Vertebrata) type a scientific group in animal classification. Vertebrata consists of all animals with a spine (or quite, a vertebral column).

As of Could 2023, 70,347 vertebrate species are listed within the Catalogue of Life (a web-based species database). (supply)

Vertebrata is dwelling to all fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds.


Ocean Sunfish
The ocean sunfish is likely one of the world’s largest bony fishes.

Fish are aquatic animals with streamlined our bodies, fins as a substitute of limbs, and gills. Gills are organs that extract oxygen from the water and excrete carbon dioxide.

Round half of all vertebrate species are fish. There are two foremost sorts of fish: bony fish (Osteichthyes) and cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes).

The skeletons of bony fish are manufactured from bone, whereas these of cartilaginous fish are manufactured from a versatile, bone-like substance referred to as cartilage.

Bony fish are by far the biggest group of fish. The group consists of fish equivalent to trout, goldfish, cod and marlin. Cartilaginous fish embrace the sharks, rays and skates.

You will discover out extra about fish on this web page: Fish

You’ll be able to see examples of various kinds of fish on this web page: Fish Examples


Red-Eyed Tree Frog
The red-eyed tree frog is an amphibian discovered within the rainforests of Central America and northern South America.

Amphibians advanced from fish round 360 million years in the past. They had been the primary vertebrates to dwell on land. Amphibians have moist pores and skin, and lack the protecting scales present in reptiles.

Many amphibians start life in water as larvae geared up with gills. After present process a course of often called metamorphosis, amphibians develop lungs and are capable of dwell on land. (Some amphibians, such because the axolotl, don’t endure metamorphosis.)

There are three foremost teams of amphibians:

  • Anura (frogs and toads)
  • Urodela (salamanders)
  • Apoda (caecilians)

Caecilians are burrowing animals that resemble worms or snakes. They’re discovered each on land and in water.

Salamanders have lengthy tails and cylindrical our bodies. Most have 4 legs, however some species spend most of their lives within the water and solely have two small entrance limbs.

Frogs have tail-less, muscular our bodies, and well-developed hind legs for leaping and swimming.

You will discover out extra about amphibians on this web page: Amphibians

You’ll be able to see examples of various kinds of amphibians on this web page: Amphibians Examples


Saltwater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile is the world’s largest dwelling reptile.

Reptiles are members of the category Reptilia. They advanced from amphibians round 310 million years in the past.

Protected by scales, and capable of lay eggs, early reptiles had been not reliant on water, and will occupy habitats unavailable to amphibians.

Reptiles rose to prominence through the Mesozoic Period – the ‘Age of the Reptiles’ – and, as dinosaurs, had been the dominant land animals. One department of dinosaurs advanced into birds, and a few scientists contemplate birds to be a part of Reptilia.

Reptiles are cold-blooded and most lay eggs, though some reptiles give delivery to dwell younger. In the present day’s reptiles embrace crocodilians (crocodiles, alligators and gharials), snakes, lizards and turtles.

You will discover out extra about reptiles on this web page: Reptiles

You’ll be able to see examples of various kinds of reptiles on this web page: Reptiles Examples


Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

Birds are the one dwelling descendants of dinosaurs, and are sometimes called “avian dinosaurs”. The primary birds advanced from dinosaurs round 150 million years in the past, over time shedding their enamel and tails and creating beaks.

Birds are feathered, egg-laying vertebrates, most of that are capable of fly. They’re discovered on each continent and are capable of survive in a variety of circumstances.

There are round 10,000 chicken species. Greater than half are passerines, or “perching birds”, members of the order Passeriformes. Passerine toes have three forward-facing toes and one backward-facing toe, an association favorable to perching.

Different well-known chicken teams embrace ratites (ostriches, cassowaries, kiwis, and so forth.), Psittaciformes (parrots), Sphenisciformes (penguins) and Accipitriformes (eagles, hawks and vultures).

You will discover out extra about birds on this web page: Birds

You’ll be able to see examples of various kinds of birds on this web page: Varieties Of Birds


Siberian or Amur Tiger
The tiger is the biggest member of the cat household, Felidae, and is an endangered species.

Final however not least we come to the mammals, members of the category Mammalia. Mammals have hair, are warm-blooded, breathe air, and all however 5 species give delivery to dwell younger.

(The 5 species that don’t give delivery to dwell younger are the monotremes. Monotremes are egg-laying mammals. The group contains the platypus and 4 species of echidna.)

Platypus Swimming
The platypus is one among simply 5 monotreme species.

Probably the most distinctive traits of mammalia is that feminine mammals have mammary glands. These are modified sweat glands that produce milk. This ready-made supply of nourishment is very advantageous to toddler mammals.

The three foremost sorts of mammal are monotremes, marsupials and placental mammals.

Marsupials give delivery to small, comparatively undeveloped younger, often called ‘joeys’. Joeys endure additional growth inside a particular pouch within the mom’s physique.

The creating fetus of a placental mammal receives nourishment from a particular organ referred to as a placenta whereas being carried within the mom’s womb.

You will discover out extra about mammals on this web page: Mammals

You’ll be able to see examples of various kinds of mammals on this web page: Varieties Of Mammals

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Animals – A Full Information: Conclusion

We hope that you’ve loved studying about animals and the animal kingdom. On this web page you’ve discovered about how animals are categorised and what makes an animal an animal. You’ve additionally met lots of the teams inside Animalia.

Now uncover extra wonderful animals!

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