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Who Was the First Cloned Cat? All About CC! (With Footage)

I’ve but to have the chance to fulfill a cloned cat in individual. I’ve heard of the phenomenon many instances through the years, however I’ve by no means personally thought-about having any of my cats cloned. Nonetheless, I’ve at all times questioned who the primary cloned cat was, how lengthy they lived, and what their high quality of life was like. When you’re interested in the identical factor, you’ve come to the best place!

Meet CC — The First Cloned Cat!

The primary cloned cat was named CC, quick for “Carbon Copy.” The cloning passed off at Texas A&M College, the place researchers took just a few ovary cells from a cat named Rainbow whereas she was being spayed after which implanted the nuclei from the cells into an egg. This resulted within the beginning of CC, the cloned cat, on December 22, 2001!

Though the cloned cat appeared to be wholesome, the scientists who created CC did get an enormous shock: She didn’t look something like Rainbow, the cat that she was a clone of. Rainbow was a calico cat that had gray and orange markings, however CC didn’t have any orange markings. Scientists didn’t count on this to happen however ultimately decided that the nuclei that they used didn’t embrace the gene liable for creating the orange markings.

What Ever Occurred to CC, the Cloned Cat?

CC the cat lived an extended and completely happy life along with her adopted dad and mom, Duane and Shirley Kraemer. She even gave beginning to 4 kittens, three of which survived. This implies she was not solely the primary cloned cat in existence, however she was additionally the primary cloned cat to ever give beginning. CC lived along with her offspring in a specifically designed shed within the yard of Duane and Shirley’s dwelling. She ended up dwelling to a ripe previous age of 18 years and was wholesome till she was identified with kidney failure. Sadly, she handed away from the situation on March 3, 2020.

Cat Cloning Is Turning into Mainstream

I used to be conscious that cat cloning has been happening for a few years, however I didn’t understand simply how mainstream it appears to have grow to be. There are numerous firms on the market, like Gemini Genetics, that promise to clone your cat and create a brand new life with 99.9% genetic similarity, an virtually similar look, and the identical common lifespan and reproductivity talents.

Plainly all it’s a must to do is present the corporate with a tissue pattern of the one that you love cat, and they’ll ultimately ship you a cloned cat. Cloning isn’t low cost, although. It sometimes prices 1000’s of {dollars}, so the concept of cloning a cat is probably going out of attain for many individuals. That mentioned, a lady named Kelly in the US cloned her cat not too way back, as did a person named Heung in China.

Controversies Surrounding Cat Cloning

After all, there are just a few controversies surrounding the concept of cloning a cat or any home animal in any respect, for that matter. Ethics are behind a lot of the issues. As an example, many really feel that cloning a cat not directly harms the stray and deserted cats that exist already and are in want.

It’s additionally thought by some people who cloned cats will not be as wholesome or as lengthy lived as the unique cats from which they have been cloned. However there isn’t any proof thus far that signifies that cloned cats have any well being issues that the unique cats wouldn’t have had. That mentioned, if cloning turns into mainstream within the meals trade, it might trigger extra ache and struggling than is critical as a result of there can be many extra animals born and raised in horrible situations simply to be killed for meals.

Ultimate Ideas

Whereas the concept of cloning cats is intriguing, it appears that there’s nonetheless quite a lot of analysis that must be completed earlier than making the method of cloning a pet broadly accessible to the typical individual. Nonetheless, the one method to know the way cloning may have an effect on an animal or an trade in the long run is to create extra cloned animals and see what occurs.

Featured Picture Credit score: Anne Richard, Shutterstock

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