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Why Are Some Cats So Obsessed With Olives?

Have you ever ever seen your cat go loopy when there are olives on the desk? It’d sound unusual, however you’re not alone.

Cats are significantly drawn to the style and odor of olives and infrequently get excited or exhibit some unusual behaviors making it appear to be they’re obsessive about olives. There’s a real cause behind this foolish habits that comes throughout like an obsession, and that’s due to the chemical compounds present in olives.

Fast Overview


Olives comprise nepetalactone, the identical compound that’s present in catnip.


Olives are secure and unhazardous for cats, although the pits in some varieties of olives are a choking hazard.


Olives are excessive in salt, and have few well being advantages for cats so ought to solely be fed in tiny portions as a deal with.

Many pet house owners fear about their cat’s obvious obsession with olives and ask if olives are secure for cats to eat. Olives are secure and unhazardous to cats, however there are just a few security issues to pay attention to earlier than feeding them to your feline companions.

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Why Do Cats Go Loopy For Olives?

yawning cat in olive tree

Olives comprise the identical compound present in catnip, a substance referred to as nepetalactone.

Olives comprise isoprenoids, particularly a compound referred to as nepetalactone, which is similar compound that’s present in catnip. So it’s a no surprise cats go loopy for olives.

Nepetalactone enters the nostril when your cat smells olives and is detected by the extremely specialised organ behind your cat’s throat referred to as the vomeronasal organ, an organ that scientists have found people don’t have.

The vomeronasal organ is sort of a nose-brain, and it’s designed to detect pheromones—chemical indicators that share info with different cats, together with the truth that they’re able to breed. Nepetalactone stimulates the pheromone receptors within the vomeronasal organ. Nonetheless, there may be one other principle, as some scientists have seen that the olfactory system in a cat’s nostril may also be concerned in the way in which cats reply to nepetalactone.

Cats reply to this in quite a lot of methods however sometimes change into very playful and excited, typically leaping and skipping round, or drooling and stretching. Their eyes might sound vast with the pupils dilated.

Typically cats can change into very relaxed and chilled, and extra receptive to a cuddle. However some cats don’t react in any respect and infrequently cats may even change into aggressive. It’s thought {that a} cat’s response to nepetalactone is genetic, which is why some cats have a powerful response and others haven’t any response in any respect.

Completely different olives comprise totally different quantities of nepetalactone, and the extra they comprise the sillier habits your cat is prone to present. Inexperienced olives and pimento olives comprise most, however the totally different varieties can range once more, some olives may make your cat extra within the odor and style than others.

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Can Cats Eat Olives?

cat eating olives

It’s secure for cats to eat olives, however hold quantities small and feed solely once in a while.

All styles of inexperienced olives and black olives are secure and unhazardous to cats, however they need to nonetheless solely be consumed in small portions. Olives are considered “wholesome” for cats, however they don’t actually present cats with any dietary worth and are empty of energy.

A small olive once in a while is OK, however no extra typically than a few instances every week. Do not forget that any treats ought to solely make up 10% of your cat’s every day meals consumption.

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Well being Advantages Of Olives For Cats

olives fruit and olive oil

The antioxidants present in olives may supply well being advantages to cats when fed in small quantities.

Olives are wealthy in nutritional vitamins C, A, and E, all of that are thought to enhance immune perform, eye well being, pores and skin well being, and coronary heart well being. However sadly, these further nutritional vitamins don’t have a lot profit to cats as they acquire all of the vitamin that they should keep wholesome from their common cat meals.

Cats are obligate carnivores, so they should devour largely meat and protein to remain wholesome, with fruit and greens forming a a lot smaller a part of their food plan.

Olives are additionally thought to have anti-inflammatory properties as they comprise antioxidants. These antioxidants take away free radicals that may harm cells and result in illnesses reminiscent of most cancers and coronary heart illness.

Some say that this may have useful results on cats affected by arthritis, nonetheless, there are a selection of different dietary dietary supplements accessible which might be scientifically confirmed to enhance your cat’s signs. At all times converse to your vet earlier than giving your pet any dietary dietary supplements.

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What About Olive Oil?

cat looking at olive oil

Although olive oil will not be poisonous to cats, you need to solely give it in very small quantities to keep away from abdomen upset.

Olive oil is taken into account to kind a part of a wholesome balanced food plan for people, however what about cats? Though there are various claims about its advantages, olive oil needs to be fed to cats with warning. It’s secure and unhazardous, however an excessive amount of oil may cause upset tummies in cats, resulting in some gentle vomiting and diarrhea. A really small quantity of oil shouldn’t trigger your cat any hurt, however bigger quantities will make them really feel unwell.

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Risks Of Olives For Cats

cat eating olives and tomato

The pits inside sure olives pose a choking hazard, so take away the pit earlier than giving an olive to your cat.

The primary hazard related to olives is the pit or stone that’s discovered within the heart of olives. Many pre-prepared olives are already pitted, however a number of varieties aren’t. If you’re going to deal with your cat to an olive, take away the stone fully, and don’t go away the stones mendacity round wherever your pet can get their paws on them.

The pit of an olive is a choking hazard for cats, and in the event that they do handle to swallow it there’s a excessive threat of it inflicting an obstruction within the intestine which might have severe penalties. In case your cat has swallowed an olive pit, search recommendation out of your veterinarian immediately.

Olives comprise a excessive quantity of salt, particularly if they’ve been preserved in brine. Cats can’t tolerate the degrees of salt (sodium) of their food plan that we people can, and an excessive amount of salt could make them unwell. This can be a specific concern for cats with coronary heart or kidney illness as extra sodium can have extra dangerous results on them.

Signs of sodium poisoning embody vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, elevated thirst, and extreme urination. Extreme instances of sodium toxicity also can result in tremors and seizures.  There are additionally some issues about olives for cats with diabetes, as they may undergo from insulin sensitivity when consuming olives and due to this fact battle to control their blood sugar ranges after consuming them.

An excessive amount of olive oil, or licking the oil that olives are saved in, also can make your cat unwell. Although secure in small portions, the oil may cause some gentle tummy upsets together with vomiting and diarrhea. In case your cat is experiencing vomiting or diarrhea that’s not resolving, or if they appear unwell in some other method, search recommendation out of your veterinarian.

It’s additionally necessary to do not forget that olives are sometimes full of different meals to boost their style, together with garlic and chiles, or different herbs and spices. Garlic is poisonous to cats, and chiles trigger irritation to the within of your cat’s mouth and intestine, so that you by no means feed food-stuffed olives to your pet.

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Remaining Ideas

cat eating olives in salad

It’s OK on your cat to nibble on a pitted olive at times, however don’t overdo it.

Cats can typically be seen to be experiencing a euphoric response to olives, and that’s as a result of olives comprise the identical compound as catnip. Nepetalactone is present in olives, identical to catnip, which is why so many cats can appear obsessive about the odor and style of olives.

Some cats change into relaxed once they odor or style olives, whereas others change into skittish or very playful. Some cats don’t react in any respect, which is considered genetic.

Olives are a secure and unhazardous meals for cats however ought to solely be fed carefully as an occasional deal with. The pits of olives can pose a threat to cats, and they’re excessive in salt. Too many olives or an excessive amount of olive oil could make cats unwell. In the event you’re involved, you need to at all times converse to your vet for recommendation.

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Steadily Requested Questions

Are cats drawn to olives?

Sure, cats are drawn to olives as a result of they comprise a chemical compound referred to as nepetalactone, which can be present in catnip.

Why does my cat go loopy for black olives? 

Black olives in addition to inexperienced olives comprise nepetalactone, the identical compound that’s present in catnip, which cats additionally go loopy for.

Do cats go loopy for olives?

Cats can seem very playful and excited after a sniff or style of olives as a result of they comprise nepetalactone, the identical compound that’s present in catnip. So cats will react to olives in an analogous option to catnip.

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