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Why Do Cats Pee on Issues? 5 Attainable Causes

Based on the ASPCA, inappropriate urination is the commonest behavioral downside reported by pet homeowners, and round 10% of cats will pee outdoors the litter field at some point of their life. Any adjustments to your cat’s toileting habits could be a fear, to not point out difficult to take care of in your house.

Fast Overview


Stress and well being issues are the commonest causes of inappropriate urination in cats.


If you happen to discover a change in your cat’s toileting habits, have them checked by their veterinarian to rule out any well being issues.


Making adjustments to the setting and good litter field upkeep will help keep away from urination issues in the home.

Cats will pee on issues round the home if one thing is incorrect. It’s extraordinarily uncommon for them to do it out of spite or laziness. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at the commonest causes of inappropriate urination.

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#1 Litter Field Issues

Kidney Failure in Cats Symptoms Cat in Litter Box

Most cats received’t use a litter field that isn’t saved very clear, selecting to go in different places in the home as a substitute.

In case your cat is peeing outdoors the field, it may be as a result of it’s soiled or they don’t like the situation. Cats are extremely fussy, so the litter field must be spick and span and positioned good so your cat will wish to use it.

The litter field ought to be positioned someplace simply accessible and quiet. In case your cat is peeing elsewhere it may be as a result of they’ll’t get to the litter field simply or as a result of it’s noisy and busy there. It may also be that your cat doesn’t just like the model of the litter field or litter that you simply use.

When you’ve got a number of cats, take into account what number of litter packing containers you may have. As a rule, you want one litter field per cat, plus one. So in case you have two cats, meaning three litter packing containers. That is to ensure there are many clear locations to go, and cats don’t significantly prefer to share.

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#2 Marking Territory

With urine marking, which is often associated to territory, the pee is most frequently on vertical surfaces like partitions or bushes.

Cats are very territorial, and so they like their areas to scent like them. You might need seen that your cat likes to rub their head round objects in your home and on you. Intact male cats usually spray urine. That is their means of letting different cats know that this house belongs to them.

Urine is an efficient means for a cat to mark their territory, and in multi-cat households and full males, this can be a significantly frequent situation. They may pee on bedding, furnishings, or in sure rooms in the home.

It may be difficult to inform the distinction between a litter field downside and urine marking. Urine marking sometimes happens on vertical surfaces—a cat will often reverse as much as a vertical object like a wall or a tree and spray urine onto it.

Urine marking additionally tends to have much less quantity than when they’re peeing usually, and it smells very sturdy. When cats spray they launch extra than simply urine—it comprises a lot of different chemical compounds that scent horrible to folks however is a cat’s means of speaking with each other.

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#3 Stress

Why is my cat peeing outside of the litter box

A wired cat would possibly pee outdoors the litter field in an try to assuage itself by leaving its scent round.

One of the vital frequent causes for cats peeing on issues is stress. Cats are extremely delicate animals and so they like routine and consistency of their setting. Even the smallest factor can upset them sufficient to do a grimy protest. Peeing on issues is your cats’ means of relieving the nervousness, and marking their territory.

Widespread causes of stress in cats embody:

  • A brand new pet
  • Guests in the home
  • Transferring dwelling
  • Adorning and constructing work from home
  • A neighboring cat upsetting them
  • An issue with one other cat in the home
  • Being left alone for lengthy durations
  • A change within the feeding routine
  • Lack of psychological and bodily stimulation
  • Lack of entry to a backyard or outdoors house

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#4 Well being Issues

What to do if your cat starts coughing

Sure medical points may cause cats to pee outdoors the field, so step one ought to at all times be a checkup with a veterinarian.

Medical issues may cause adjustments in your cat’s toileting habits and infrequently results in them peeing round the home or having accidents. If you happen to discover any change to your cat’s peeing habits or routine, communicate to your normal vet and get your cat checked over.

The vet will ask you about any adjustments in your house lately or any attainable causes of stress. They are going to study your cat and would possibly ask you to gather a pattern of their urine for testing. This may assist them to search for an infection or different abnormalities that may clarify this habits.

Widespread medical causes of inappropriate urination embody:

If a medical situation is recognized, then often as soon as handled your cat will cease peeing on issues and return to their normal habits.

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#5 Behavioral Issues

Inappropriate urination will be difficult to determine, however an animal behaviorist can often assist.

If you happen to’ve dominated out well being issues as the reason for your cats’ inappropriate urination, and checked the litter field and their stress ranges, you may be left feeling a bit stumped as to why that is taking place.

There will be different behavioral issues that result in cats urinating in locations they shouldn’t. A certified feline behaviorist might be in a position that can assist you establish your cat’s points and work on a plan to enhance issues.

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How Can I Cease My Cat Peeing On Issues?

signs your cat trusts you

Clear up messes with an enzymatic cleaner to take away all traces of odor, and work to establish what may be triggering your cat.

Discovering puddles round your private home or cat pee in your carpet and furnishings will be so irritating, and likewise very smelly! The primary and most vital factor to do is get your cat checked by a vet to rule out and deal with any medical issues, as as soon as handled the difficulty will often go away.

But when your cat is careworn, marking their territory, or affected by a behavioral situation, then there are another methods you possibly can assist and issues you are able to do at dwelling to assist your cat calm down.

  • Use artificial pheromones round your private home to assist create a chilled setting, for instance, a Feliway diffuser
  • Use dietary supplements designed for supporting urinary tract points in cats (at all times seek the advice of your vet first earlier than giving any dietary supplements)
  • Maintain your cat’s litter field in the identical place that’s quiet and simple to entry
  • Change the kind of litter to 1 your cat prefers (this would possibly contain some trial and error)
  • Guarantee you may have sufficient litter packing containers in your cats—one for every cat, plus one additional
  • Maintain the litter field clear with day by day scooping and weekly cleansing
  • Guarantee your cat has entry to a protected outdoors house if attainable
  • Present loads of toys, video games, and scratching posts
  • Don’t depart your cat alone for lengthy durations
  • Guarantee your cat has a protected quiet hiding place and their personal bedding
  • Neuter your male cat to stop scent marking/spraying
  • Clear up any accidents with an enzymatic cleaner designed to neutralize the scent of cat urine

When treating inappropriate urination issues, by no means punish your cat. You shouldn’t yell at them or rub their nostril of their urine as this may solely make them really feel extra careworn and presumably even terrified of you. You must also keep away from utilizing ammonia-based cleaners, because the scent of ammonia can really entice your cat again to that place to pee once more.

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Remaining Ideas

Guaranteeing changes at dwelling is usually sufficient to get a cat again to utilizing their litter field repeatedly.

Cats can pee on issues round your private home for a number of causes. Step one to resolving the difficulty is to establish the trigger. Inappropriate urination is likely one of the most typical behavioral issues in cats, so that you aren’t alone on this state of affairs.

It’s vital to talk to your vet to rule out and deal with any medical points, then check out their litter field and different environmental elements to establish the reason for their stress. As soon as the issue is recognized and resolved, most cats go on to return to their regular toileting habits contained in the litter field.

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Often Requested Questions

How can I inform if my cat is spraying or urinating?

Cats often spray on vertical surfaces and remove a smaller quantity of urine than when they’re simply peeing. Spray may even have a very pungent scent in comparison with urine. Unneutered male cats sometimes will spray.

Why is my cat peeing on issues?

Cats pee on issues once they have a medical downside equivalent to a urinary tract an infection, when they’re careworn, or if there’s a downside with their litter field.

How do I cease my cat from peeing on issues?

By no means punish your cat for peeing round your private home. You may make some adjustments to the setting to cut back stress, hold their routine constant, and keep good litter field hygiene. Any medical issues will have to be handled appropriately by a vet.

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