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Why Is My Cat Not Utilizing The Litter Field?

Cats are usually fastidious creatures, preferring to rest room in a clear and personal place. Most cats take simply to litter field coaching initially, however inappropriate elimination is a standard drawback.

Fast Overview


Litter field avoidance is a standard drawback in cats.


Causes embody poor coaching, insufficient cleanliness, poor location or sort of litter field, abrupt litter modifications, issue accessing a tray, stress, or medical causes.


All the time rule out medical causes of litter field avoidance, and guarantee your cat’s setting is perfect when it comes to assets and stress discount.

Understanding extra about feline toilet conduct, in addition to some widespread underlying medical causes may also help you perceive the commonest causes for litter field avoidance. Many litter field issues are on account of points with the situation, dimension, sort, and cleanliness of the cat’s litter bins. Nonetheless, stress, anxiousness, and medical issues equivalent to infections may have an effect on a cat’s litter field habits.

Listed here are a number of the prime the reason why your cat won’t be utilizing their litter field.

Lack Of Coaching

Cats that develop up toileting outdoor may want additional coaching to study to make use of a litter field indoors.

Most cats study to make use of a litter field at a really early age, normally when they’re only a kitten. Most kittens raised in a house setting will copy their mom’s toileting conduct, and due to this fact study to make use of a litter field with none enter from a human in any respect.

Cats typically achieve a powerful choice about the place they bathroom, so early use of the litter tray can kind good, sturdy habits. Kittens introduced up exterior, as strays, or people who lose their mom early in life may by no means have discovered to rest room in litter, and may discover it tougher to choose up.

In case you tackle a cat that has by no means been litter educated or appears to desire to cross urine on a special substrate, a while, persistence, and coaching could be wanted to appropriate this behavior. There’s some extra data on bathroom coaching a kitten right here.

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Litter Field Preferences

Orange cat and cat toilet with cover

Some cats just like the privateness of a lined litter field, however different cats may dislike the odors trapped inside.

Cats are creatures of behavior, and achieve determined preferences concerning their toileting conduct. Switches to various kinds of litter, or modifications to the situation of the field will be sufficient to trigger avoidance.

Litter bins needs to be:

  • Giant sufficient in your cat to comfortably flip round in.
  • Include the identical sort of litter that your cat is comfy with and used to.
  • Be positioned someplace quiet, away from water bowls and the meals bowl.

Some cats desire a lined field; others desire an open tray. The kind of most well-liked cat litter may also differ relying on their early experiences with textures.

In case you have a brand new cat, you might need to experiment with just a few sorts of bins and differing litters, equivalent to clumping litter, pellet litter, and clay litter. If you’re not sure the place to begin, most cats desire a tremendous, sandy texture. In case you actually have to change litter, try to accomplish that progressively so your cat can alter.

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Cleaning cat litter box

Scoop strong waste and clumps at the very least as soon as each day—greater than as soon as a day in case you can.

Cats are clear animals, typically spending huge quantities of time on grooming and self-care. Litter field avoidance can generally be on account of a mismatch between the proprietor’s and cat’s expectations of how typically the litter field needs to be cleaned.

Urine has a powerful ammonia odor, and cats are extra delicate to sturdy odors than people, so common cleansing is important. Scoop out clumps and poop each day, and add recent litter as wanted. Clear litter bins with water and unscented cleaning soap weekly. Field liners will be helpful for ease of cleansing, however keep away from something with added perfumes, which will be overwhelming to cats.

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Privateness And Entry

cat standing in litter box

Moderately than grouping all of your litter bins in a single location, unfold them all through the home so a number of cats don’t squabble over entry.

Cats understandably like some privateness to rest room. Place litter bins in quieter areas of the home, away from entrances and exits, meals, and water sources. However don’t place them up to now out of the way in which that your cat has to go far distances to rest room.

In multi-cat households, there will be competitors for assets, which incorporates litter bins. The overall rule is to have the identical variety of litter bins as you’ve cats—plus one additional. So, two litter bins for one cat, 4 bins for 3 cats, and so on. Place litter bins in various areas round the home. Cats are territorial and spreading the bins out can forestall one cat from obstructing entry to the trays for different cats.

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Behavioral Causes


Cats which can be burdened or upset by one thing of their setting may begin going exterior the litter field.

Stress and anxiousness can result in conduct modifications in cats, one among which is inappropriate toileting. Cats are territorial, and battle could cause them to mark out their space by urine spraying.

Urine spraying will be differentiated from regular urination as it’s normally small quantities sprayed onto a vertical floor in a really apparent place. Regular urination is normally a big quantity on a horizontal floor someplace extra non-public. Urine spraying can be widespread in unneutered cats.

Poor toileting conduct is extra widespread in multi-cat households, the place competitors for assets and territory is excessive, however stress will also be induced in cats by various different causes, together with new pets, new members of the family, modifications to their setting equivalent to by constructing work, transferring residence, loud noises, and vet or cattery visits.

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Medical Causes

A veterinary checkup to rule out medical causes is all the time prudent any time a cat stops utilizing their litter field.

In case your cat has began urinating round your own home, it would really feel irritating, however keep in mind that there could be an underlying well being concern.

Any situation involving the bladder and urinary tract will be accountable for triggering inappropriate urine toileting. A urinary tract an infection (UTI) is a standard perpetrator, alongside inflammatory causes. Feline decrease urinary tract illness (FLUTD), often known as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) or feline interstitial cystitis, is a time period used to explain inflammatory circumstances of the feline urinary tract, and there may be regarded as a powerful hyperlink with stress in affected cats.

Signs of each UTIs and FLUTD embody inappropriate toileting, bloody urine, straining to urinate, frequent litter field journeys, or not passing urine in any respect. These indicators require a go to to the veterinarian. In case your cat isn’t passing urine in any respect, they require pressing veterinary consideration.

Some medical issues trigger cats to urinate extra ceaselessly and in greater quantity, together with kidney failure and diabetes. These could cause cats to urinate exterior the litter field as a result of they simply can’t get to the field in time. Defecating exterior the field could be attributable to gastrointestinal problems, equivalent to inflammatory bowel illness or meals allergy symptoms.

Older cats may battle to get into the litter tray, particularly whether it is high-sided, on account of arthritis, or they may neglect the place the litter field is in the event that they develop feline cognitive dysfunction.

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My Cat Isn’t Utilizing the Litter Field: What Ought to I Do?


Your vet can search for medical causes for litter field avoidance, and likewise show you how to with any behavioral points.

Inappropriate elimination generally is a irritating and tough situation to cope with. Listed here are some easy steps that will help you make a plan and fight the difficulty.

  • Take your cat to the veterinarian to rule out any well being issues.
  • Guarantee you’ve sufficient litter trays, in various quiet areas. In case you’re not sure, add one other field.
  • Hold litter sort the identical, and clear the trays ceaselessly.
  • Clear dirty areas with an enzymatic cleaner to take away all traces of urine odor to stop recurrence.
  • Contemplate a pheromone diffuser equivalent to Feliway to encourage stress discount, or to pre-empt annoying occasions equivalent to a brand new pet.
  • Search recommendation from a veterinarian or certified pet behaviorist.

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Litter Field Avoidance: Summing Up

Litter field issues are a standard issue for cat house owners. The causes will be various and embody issues with the accessibility, location, dimension or sort of litter field, modifications to the sort or hygiene of the litter, stress, or medical issues.

In case your cat has began eliminating exterior the tray, all the time see a vet to rule out well being issues, and make some modifications to your cat’s setting to attenuate stress and guarantee enough entry to their most well-liked litter field and litter sort.

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Ceaselessly Requested Questions

How do I get my cat to make use of the litter field once more?

First, attempt to discover out why your cat is avoiding the litter field. This may very well be a behavioral or medical trigger, a change to the litter sort or location, or the field not being cleaned sufficient. As soon as medical causes are dominated out, guarantee there are sufficient litter trays in various areas round the home which can be cleaned often and crammed together with your cat’s most well-liked litter.

Why does my cat poop on the ground abruptly?

Your cat could be avoiding the field on account of a change in the kind of litter, location of the field, poor cleanliness of the litter field or obstructed entry (e.g., by one other pet). Medical causes may trigger inappropriate defecation, equivalent to cognitive dysfunction, arthritis, or gastrointestinal problems equivalent to meals allergy symptoms.

Why is my cat not utilizing the litter field to pee?

Your cat could be avoiding the field on account of a change in the kind of litter, location of the field, poor cleanliness of the litter field or obstructed entry (e.g. by one other pet). Medical causes may trigger inappropriate urination, equivalent to infections, inflammatory circumstances, kidney illness, diabetes, or arthritis.

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